Afrikan Sciences

Eric Porter DouglassAfrikan Sciences project is out there — way the fuck out there, at the edge of techno, free jazz and abstract hip-hop. In fact, the Oakland CA native, who recently relocated to Berlin is standing pretty much by himself.

Porter’s debut LP Means and Ways (Deepblak, 2011) largely flew under the radar, but it was a revelation for techno aficionados who like their grooves deep. And his sophomore offering Theta Wave Brain Sync, which just saw a digital release in March via Oakland-based avant-techno imprint Deepblak, is every bit as deep. Now, when I say techno, I’m using that word in its loosest sense, as this is about as far from clinical oom-tis oom-tis oom-tis minimalism as one could get.

Porter’s advanced rhythms are as intricate as they are asymmetrical, chopped up tablas, shakers and various sundry percussive instruments from all corners of the world warp and shift around, bunching up together and unraveling–even the most straight forward jams have this quality that could be likened to looking at one of those 3D hologram that flips back and forth after prolonged focus.

Within this ramshackle rhythmic frame, Porter’s musical influences–which are literally all over the map Miles, Dilla, the Indian subcontinent, Detroit, outer space and of course Africa–are woven into rich multi-faceted tapestries, that explore the relationships between form an space, order and entropy.

The title of this one is no accident, this is deeply cerebral music that, while it would likely work on the floor, is clearly aimed at the head and not the feet.

Afrikan Sciences – “Sage Projection” (128kbps-clip)

Afrikan Sciences – “Theta Wave Brain Sync” (128kbps-clip)

Afrikan Sciences – “What Who What, The Bazooka Was Who” (128kbps clip)

And from Means & Ways

Afrikan Sciences – “Two As 36″ (128kbps-clip)

Here’s a pretty amazing podcast he put together for Keep it Deep last fall

I’ll wait for you- Bembe Segue
Heru – Damon Bell
Melanin – Julie Dexter
Ex-pensive dubbin x Never stopping on the One – Afrikan Sciences
Tory – Saturn Never Sleeps
Maybe You can Dance – Bohannon
Aimeda -Gravity’s Angel
Save D Musician – Black Truth Rhythm Band
Tom’s – Succulent Sounds
So Divine – Erik Rico
Plutonian – Dakini9
A Healthy Turnaround x Fly Off the Handle – Afrikan Sciences
Degi Degi – Don Cherry
Sour Grapes – Shokazulu
Traffic -Theo Parris ft IG Culture
Solution (Dutty Church) Son Of Scientist ft Heidi Vogel
Uni Sun- Aybee
It’s a Wonder I’m Me – Peven Everret
Banganeseba – TAL National

Here’s a Recent Boiler Room set from Berlin

And finally, there is plenty of odds and ends to check out over at his Soundlcoud page.

P Morris – “Debut”

P Morris, formerly known as MΔRRI$, and known to his mother as Philesciono Canty is a bass sculptor of the first order. His slick trap-informed style of of production, which he’s oddly dubbed Goombawave, has found its way on to compilations curated by the  boundary pushing Night Slugs imprint, and the mixtapes of genre benders like Kelela and Le1f (as well as our DecibelCast series).

For his first “mixtape,” simply called Debut, he’s really upped his game, coloring in trap’s minimal framework of skittery 808 drums, handclaps and booming low-end, with sweeping cinematic atmosphere and lavish amounts of organic instrumentation.

Although clocking in at just under 30 minutes, Debut is laid out almost like a film score, the tracks flowing continuously together into one seemless whole, weaving icy ambient interludes into orchestral arrangements of strings and piano, and rising intermittently to crescendos of pitched R&B vocals and chest-rattling subsonic frequencies.

It’s a sprawling record such as this, with this many moving parts is pretty much de facto headphone music, but, make no mistake when the beat does drop it would murder the sound system of any club. And honestly, you’ve got to give up to anyone who can flip a Justin Beiber track into something as supremely badass as  The Weeknd-esque “Hold Tight.”

You can grab the whole thing as a name-your-price download over at Bandcamp.

And for those who want more of this sound, there is also the EP split with Sweater Beats, Young Love Heartbreak, available as a free soundcloud download.

And some further listening:

Kelela – “Go All Night” (prod by MΔRRI$)

Le1f – “Go In” (prod by MΔRRI$)

Katy B – “Crying for no” Reason (MΔRRI$ remix)

*edit: I forgot to add his recent mix for FACT, a perfect encapsulation of what P. Morris is about, featuring a slew of exclusives and remixes.

Justin Timberlake – Set The Mood Prelude (P. Morris edit)
P. Morris – Ladyboy [Bear Club Music Group]
Jon B – They Don’t Know
Justin Bieber – Recovery
Craig David – Fill Me in
Axel Boman – Barcelona
P. Morris – Rashida Jones [forthcoming Bear Club Music Group]
Drake – Come Thru
Tom Richman – Dro Montana (Sweater Beats Remix) [Bear Club Music Group]
R. Kelly – Remind Me of Something
Jeremih – Rosa Acosta
Tom Richman – Your Body [forthcoming Bear Club Music Group]
Dat Oven – Icy Lake (L- Vis 1990 Refix)
P. Morris – Wunderlust [forthcoming Bear Club Music Group]
Katy Perry – Walking On Air (Hundreds & Thousands edit) [forthcoming Bear Club Music Group]
Zedd – Stay the Night (Schwarz Remix)
P. Morris – White Hood (Neana Chop)
Omarion – Ice Box
Mssingno – PART 2 XE2 VIP BIELDUB REMIX PART 2 (Goon Club Allstars)
Drake – We Made It (featuring Soulja Boy)
P. Morris – Crying for No Reason VIP
Cam’ron – Oh Boy
Katy B – Crying for No Reason (P. Morris Remix)
Young Thug – Stoner
Missy Elliott – Take Away (ft Ginuwine) (P. Morris Edit)
P. Morris – Hold Tight (VIP) [Bear Club Music Group]
Beyonce – Drunk In Love
Squarepusher – Red Hot Car
Rai – The Game of Rat and Dragon (Vivisect) [forthcoming Bear Club Music Group]
Roni Size – Heroes [Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix]
Dane Chadwick – Vowels [Astronautico]
112 – Anywhere
Jubilee & Burt Fox – Keys Wallet Phone
Wale – Bad [Mike Gip Remix]
2 Chainz – Where You Been
Moleskin – Turnt On
Alexander O’ Neal – What’s Missing
*NSync – Gone (P. Morris Exit edit)

DecibelCast Vol 19. “Williwaws”

wil·li·waw [noun. will-ee-waw]
a violent squall that blows in near-polar latitudes, as in the Strait of Magellan, Alaska, and the Aleutian Islands.

All of us are likely eager to welcome the warmth of the sun and sweat and the cycle of life anew, and... shorts. Some of us are there, the ice has melted, while others are not, the ice is thick. In the North East winter continues to linger, the teasing of a temperature climb outside of single digits is quickly reversed and our hibernation ensues.

I find myself accepting my foul weather fate only with the assistance of a year that's begun with a plethora of mind-bending, body-rocking music. 2014 seems to be one of those moments in time where artists pull from some collective pool of creative wealth and the onslaught of quality records are plentiful to the point of overwhelming. This month's Decibelcast is a collection of some of the sounds that have helped me to weather the frostbite. So I continue to glove up, zip up and be comforted by the sounds of another great year in music.


With this DecibelCast we've decided to experiment with something a little different. I, TY-Rannosaurus-RIE will be making hand-collaged /painted/whatever else cassette versions of this mixtape to send out into the world.

In writing for this post I found myself torn between writing something personal and something more direct and realized I have no idea who YOU are. Maybe that's good, but I'm curious and I'd like to try to reach out to those of you who'd like that. If this makes you uncomfortable (and I can understand and relate to that, "just give me the music"), simply download the zipped file below and be on your way. But, if you'd like to participate in a little experiment, a little effort to reach out then  message me at:

Tell me who you are, why you like our site, or really anything. Due to the format of the cassette the mix will include around 20 min of extra music and who knows maybe a few small effects to let you in on who I am.

Download DecibelCast 19


The Lemons - "Jelly Bean"

Mac Demarco - "Passing Out The Pieces"

Angel Olsen - "High & Wild"

Quilt - "Arctic Shark"

Holy Wave - "Wet & Wild"

Damaged Bug - "Photograph"

Tobacco - "Eruption (Gonna Get My Hair Cut at the End of the Summer)"

Cherry Glazerr - "Haxel Princess"

The Lemons - "Michael Lennie"

Happy Jawbone Family Band - "Everybody Knows About Daddy"

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - "J Smoov"

Yumi Zouma - "The Brae"

The Stargazer Lilies - "Del Ray Mar"

The Casket Girls - "Same Side"

Ricky Eat Acid - "it will draw me over to it like it always does"

Hospitality - "Last Words"

The Lemons - "Ice Cream Shop"

Natural Child - "Bailando Con Lobos"

Campfires - "Bayonet"

Takashi Miyaki - "Cool Runnings"

Fog Lake - "dream gate"

Pure X - "Rain"

The Lemons - "Where'd I Go?"

Mac Demarco – Salad Days

Canada’s most twisted lo-fi rocker, Mac Demarco unveils his latest effort, Salad Days, April 1st via Captured Tracks. Self described as “lo-fi/slacker rock/jizz jazz”… sounds great.

pre-order Salad Days here

Mac Demarco – Passing Out Pieces


acoustic version of Let Her Go off forthcoming record Salad Days

My Kind Of Woman off 2012′s 2

+Tour Dates+

03-31 Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom *#
04-01 Oberlin, OH – Oberlin College
04-02 Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle (early and late shows) *#
04-03 Detroit, MI – Magic Stick *#
04-04 Wakefield, Quebec – Blacksheep *#
04-05 Sherbrooke, Quebec – Boquébière *#
04-06 Montreal, Quebec – Societe des Arts Technologiques *#
04-07 Cambridge, MA – Middle East (Downstairs) *#
04-09 New York, NY – Webster Hall #
04-10 Durham, NC – Duke Coffeehouse *
04-11 Atlanta, GA – The Goat Farm *
04-12 Baton Rouge, LA – Mud and Water *
04-13 Austin, TX – Mohawk (Outside Stage) *
04-14 Fort Worth, TX – Lola’s Saloon *
04-15 Oxford, MS – Proud Larry’s *^
04-16 Nashville, TN – Exit/In *
04-17 Asheville, NC – The Grey Eagle *
04-18 Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts *
04-25 New Orleans, LA – Tulane University
04-26 Yonkers, NY – Sarah Lawrence College
05-15 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Melkweg
05-16 Paris, France – Trabendo
05-17 Nantes, France – Stereolux
05-18 Brussels, Belgium – Nuits Botanique at Botanical Cultural Center
05-19 Brighton, England – The Old Market
05-20 Glasgow, Scotland – Mono
05-21 Manchester, England – Sound Control
05-22 London, England – Koko
05-23 Cologne, Germany – Electronic Beats – E Werks
05-24 Berlin, Germany – Bi Nuu
06-20-21 Toronto, Ontario – NXNE

* with Juan Wauters
# with Amen Dunes
^ with Dent May

Ricky Eat Acid – “Three Love Songs”

The first proper full-length release from prolific DIY producer/musician Sam Ray under his Ricky Eat Acid moniker, Three Love Songs was initially offered as a free digital download, in addition to a limited vinyl run on Orchid Tapes.

avatars-000067260712-701y5v-cropImagine a cross between the warped bedroom pop of Ariel Pink or early Atlas Sound, the miniature delicacy of Mum and the ethereal oddball experimentation of Sung Tongs-era Animal Collective.

It’s dreamy lo-fi (mostly) ambient music, kind of like the aural equivalent of water color painting— where music box melodies and wordless vocals smear into pastoral atmospheres enveloped by soft tape hiss; with bubbling synths, crackly field recordings and all manner of miniature sonic artifacts skitter hither and yon.

The two exceptions are the blunted downtempo number “It Will Draw Me Over to it Like it Always Did” which channels Mo Wax-era DJ Shadow, And the straight-up Balearic house track “In My Dreams We Are Almost Touching.”


Download the album from soundcloud for free here.

Or if you’re the type of person who likes to support artists financially, you purchase it from Bandcamp on a name your price basis  here. Vinyl appears to be sold out sorry :(  


Hospitality – “Trouble”

The Brooklyn based trio, Hospitality released their sophomore record, Trouble Jan. 28th via Merge Records. Comprised of husband and wife Amber Papini (guitar, vocals),  and Nathan Michel (drums) along with Brian Betancourt (bass) the band expands on their sound placing more care in the arrangement. It’s a glorious blend of alt/rock, pop and post-punk with a glimmer of ’80s synth and an overriding honest vulnerability.

Papini on the record: “Most of the songs are about everyday environments that arouse anxiety or unease. The ocean isn’t meant for people; we aren’t supposed to be there, and some of the animals that live there are much bigger and faster than we are in the water. I think a lot of the songs deal with this ‘out of place’ kind of theme, feelings of unease and the questions of what is under you or what surrounds you.

purchase Trouble here

Hospitality – Going Out

Hospitality – I Miss Your Bones

off their self titled debut (2012)

NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert from 2012

Lee Bannon

Lee Bannon‘s profile has been steadily rising over the past few years, and deservedly so; he is one of most interesting and versatile producers in the game right now. The Sacramento native first started grabbing people’s attention when his ’90s-esque productions began to appear on the mixtapes of Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era crew. Full of dusty drum loops and soul samples Bannon’s beats recalled those of Operation Doomsday-era MF Doom or classic Jay Dee.

Lee Bannon x Chuuwee – “6 Feet Deep Part 1″

Joey Bada$$ – “Hilary Swank” (prod. by Lee Bannon)


2013 saw Bannon branching out stylistically. His self-released one-sided mixtape Place/Crusher is an amalgam of tempos and influences, ranging from trip-hop to electro to footwork.


By the time he hooked up this mix for FACT Magazine, it was clear he was destined to move beyond the pigeon hole of backpack hip-hop. The track list (which pretty much speaks for itself) foreshadowed a move into different territory all together.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Still Life (Excerpt)
Mykki Blanco – The Initiation
DJ Hype – Computerised Cops
Jackson and his Computer Band – Glow
Rude & Deadly – Mash Dem Down (Smokey Jo VIP Mix)
Sampha – Without (Lee Bannon Remix)
Shadez of Brooklyn – Change
Ratking – Piece of Shit
Blu & Madlib – Fo Figa Rings
The Terrorist – The Chopper (Ray Keith Dirty Chopper Mix)
Spinback & Windmill – In Effect
Andy Stott – Up the Box
Burial – Truant
Skanna – This Way
Source Direct – Snake Style

Somewhere around this time he began experimenting with the jungle aesthetic dropping unlicensed breakbeat-driven relicks of people like Kanye and Sampha.


Sampha – “Without” (LB Remix)



Which brings us to Alternate/Endings. Late last year the chameleonic producer was picked by the seemingly eternal Ninja Tune imprint, which licensed his proper full-length debut last month.

Alternate/Endings effortlessly embodies the attitude of classic ’90s drum & bass– the free-wheeling, kitchen sink style of production that characterized the sound of early releases on Goldie‘s Metalheadz label, before the cult of engineering sapped all the fun out of things.

In some sense Bannon is operating in the context of a greater trend– i.e. the vintage drum & bass motif as current vogue/object of plunder for bass music producers (Machinedrum, Paul Woolford, etc.) and nostalgic 20-year-old Londoners (Mumdance, Tessela, etc.).

But Bannon’s hip-hop pedigree, and perhaps his geography as well, seem to have granted him outlier status. He brings a strong indie aesthetic and a raw vintage boom-bap feel to these productions, craftily reconstructing breakbeats, and weaving disparate samples through Bladerunner-esque, dystopic atmospheres. It’s actually a pretty simple formula, but it works so well in this context.

Lee Bannon – “216″ (from Alternate/Endings)

Still some may question the necessity for this kind of thing, and with the mountain of ’90s jungle/drum & bass, it’s a valid question. The defense I would offer (and I’d imagine the guys at Ninja Tune would agree), is that yes the formula is a classic, but there is a vitality here that is difficult to put into words. Bannon’s version of drum & bass feels like an experiment, the sound of a producer who is genuinely taking risks to push his craft forward in new directions, rather than someone cashing in on the latest trend.

You purchase Alternate/Endings at the Ninja Tune store.

Angel Olsen – “Burn Your Fire For No Witness”

Chicago based singer/songwriter Angel Olsen has readied her sophomore full length, Burn Your Fire For No Witness, for a February 18th release via jagjaguwar.

This time around she steps into the studio with producer John Congleton (The Walkmen, Modest Mouse, Okkervil River) and a full band. “The first two albums I did on my own, or with people that I knew, I was afraid that in going from something really raw to something professionally produced, I would end up too crisp or calculated. So, with John Congleton, I was really specific about everything that I wanted to hear.” With this transition she has elevated her fervid whispers into a much more assertive wail. These songs openly carry bold, heavy emotion which is expected being familiar with her previous efforts but with Burn Your Fire they seem to project a more matured assurance.

purchase the record here

 Angel Olsen – HI-FIVE

Angel Olsen – Unfucktheworld


director Zia Anger on her music video (below) for Forgiven/Forgotten shot in Asheville, NC.

“I traveled to Asheville with a couple rolls of 16mm film and a Bolex camera. The only idea Angel and I had decided on was that she should be given a chance to act – to perform in a way most people have never seen her perform. Upon arriving I was immediately struck by the beautiful and unruly area of Malvern Hills. Suburbia had never spoken to me like that before. Our idea morphed into a suburban fantasy just as lawless as its backdrop. It is complete with a ‘Freaks and Geeks’-inspired lovers quarrel that ends with the male character physically being hand-scratched out of the film.” 

– Zia Anger


Jesus Sons – “s/t”


The L.A. based grunge rock quintet, Jesus Sons, released their s/t debut via Mock Records Jan. 28th. Pulling sounds from ’60s/late ’50s rockers their style of straight forward rock and roll could easily be found in a used record bin among the greats.

purchase the record here

Jesus Sons – Who’s Around 

Jesus Sons - I Wanna Be Your Man

Marissa Nadler – “July”

Boston based singer/songwriter,  Marissa Nadler, released her latest record, July, February 4th via Sacred Bones. Recorded at Seattle’s Avast Studio and produced by Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Wolves In The Throne Room, Earth, Boris) July finds Nadler in her darkest hour. Her ethereal ghost/folk shimmers with spectral charm.

purchase July here 


A cover of Mickey Newbury’s Frisco Depot featuring Angel Olsen


Wind Up Doll off 2011′s self titled album