Bibio aka Stephen Wilkinson makes lo-fi, layered, somewhat folkish, semi-ambient, electronica noise that often has a catchy beat and always has a strong emotional backbone. His latest album Mind Bokeh takes his past efforts and morphs them into a new more accessible sound with strong synthy melodies and funky rhythms with much more pronounced vocals.

Where Ambivalence Avenue and The Apple And The Tooth both had electronic feels and strong rhythms they also had more atmospheric themes with laid back acoustic and instrumental moments. This time instead those warm sunny fuzzy feelings are traded in for more urgent sentiments of enjoying right here, right now. He seems very sure of his ability to stand in the here and now this go round too, where in the past he might have been happy as an unknown.

Mind Bokeh deserves to be known too as even iTunes wants you to listen to it. They are offering the most rocking track on the album “Take Off Your Shirt” for free for a limited time. Go get it now but don’t let it be an indicator for the rest of the album as it is way guitar heavy and faster then any of the other tracks. Regardless of the progression the album still sounds like distinct Bibio and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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