Ryan Rebo – “Western Dreams of Things Unseen”



Multi-instrumentalist, singer/song writer and close friend Ryan Rebo has a new album in the works. Well basically it’s done, all thats left is a trip back to his Montana studio for mastering and all those magical final touches. So…he’s created a Kickstarter account to raise the loot necessary to treat this new collection of songs right and release them out into the universe. This needs to happen, and this is where you the people come in. Follow the link here to learn all about the project and kickstarter, if you’re unfamiliar, and to make a pledge. A simple 10 bucks will get you a digital copy 2 weeks before the release date.

These songs are rich in emotion and carefully crafted with that certain blend of wistful nostalgia and heartfelt longing. He puts himself into these songs and brings you there with him. The video for the single, Farmer Song, was shot on the artist commune where he lives just outside of Austin and is featured on his Kickstarter page. We are extremely honored to offer an exclusive download of the single below. He’s decided to offer his last EP The Lonely Scientist as a free download on his bandcamp page along with a couple demo versions of songs slated for the new record Rotten Fruit and Broken Window. Both demos are slow burning ambient/folk tracks layered with lush sonic subtleties. Link to his bandcamp page here to stream/download these along with that lovely Daniel Johnston cover, Some Things Last a Long Time, featured on our Feb. mixtape.

Don’t sleep on this one, there’s only 16 days left to meet the goal. He’s just over 50% there so let’s come together and make this thing happen. It would be a sobbing shame if these songs where left in his brain and only strummed around campfires. We all need this album spinning on our turn table…trust me.

EDIT : we apologize as the below link was temporarily down. It is now available, thanks for your patience

Ryan Rebo – Farmer Song  


Here’s a little acoustic set done for Orange Sofa Sessions featuring two songs, Julian an original and a Beck cover Lord Only Knows.


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