Indians – “Somewhere Else”

Søren Løkke Juul is Indians. The Copenhagen based one man project dives into ambient melancholic electronica and ethereal psych/pop. Recently signed to 4AD his beautiful debut, Somewhere Else was released earlier this year.

Grab a couple singles below and watch a gorgeous live session from 4AD. Full album stream over at KEXP and grab it on vinyl here.

Indians – “I Am Haunted”

Indians – “Magic Kids”

4AD sessions directed by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard

Tracklist: 1) I Am Haunted 2) Magic Kids 3) New

Taken from the 4AD website…”Filmed over the course of one day on Osea Island – a little-known, privately owned island in the estuary of the Blackwater in Essex – the starting point for the performance was embracing the challenge of playing, recording and filming outside, placing the music into a vast open space, under sky and near water.

With the intention to capture the sense of air and atmosphere in the music, each track was recorded in a different location, moving the band and cameras in order to introduce a new element that reflected the change in song. This was further complimented by the shift in light: the session begins with ‘I Am Haunted’ filmed just after high tide in the early afternoon, is then followed ‘Magic Kids’ just as the sun had set, and ends with ‘New’ filmed after dark in the small hours of the morning. While still flecked with the surreal ambience of Søren’s air-tight compositions, the full-band performance adds a foreboding sense of wonder that provides a fitting introduction into Indians’ very own natural world.”

I Am Haunted official music video

Magic Kids official music video

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