Salvia Plath – “The Bardo Story”

Baltimore-based musician, film maker, and artist Michael Collins has released his debut album under his new moniker Salvia Plath (morphed from Run DMT) entitled The Bardo Story through  Weird World Records July 8th.

After losing his previous name, Run DMT to a dub-step band of the same name he (unfortunately) sticks with the drug puns. Although with the new title comes a slight shift in production. He leans on the ’60s psych rock movement heavily throughout the record incorporating layered and fuzzy harmonies, handclaps, organs and cyclical acoustic riffs throughout an altogether lo-fi and somewhat lethargic atmosphere. Perfect for those slow psychotropic Sundays.

Grab it on Vinyl or CD here

Salvia Plath – House Of Leaves

Salvia Plath – This American Life

House Of Leaves

Bardo States

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