About us

DECIBELity is the collaborative product of a group of friends, who are spread out like a nice thin blackberry jam from the damp East coast crust of North Carolina to the dry burnt crust of California (with not much inbetween).

Our tastes vary as wide as our locales: from all sorts of electronic music to hip-hop, indie rock, folk, experimental, ambient, lo-fi and almost anything else. Pretty much everything under the sun, as long as it’s quality music. Our purpose here is not just to hype newest, trendiest shit, but to tell you what we like; what we are probably listening to right now; and maybe even how you can get it for free somewhere.

We are called Decibelity because our obsession for music is almost to the point of a chronic debilitating condition. But fortunately for you, our neurosis can be your key to the best music around. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow us.

The Decibel(d):
Jay Autom@tticus
Evander Hologram