Todd Terje

DJ/producer/remixer Terje Olsen, who records as Todd Terje (a play on the name of house legend Todd Terry), has been steadily releasing records since 1999, and moving crowds for longer than that. As the youngest member of Norway’s “space disco” trifecta  Terje was perhaps lesser known than fellow countrymen LindstrØm and Prins Thomas.

His profile began to rise In the early aughts as he began to release a series of quality re-edits of obscure disco tunes, edits which found their way into many a DJ’s record bag.

In the last few years however, it’s been original productions that have been turning heads (and moving feet), as Terje has dropped bomb after bomb on clubland seemingly without missing a beat (pun intended)

The sound Terje has perfected is eminently dance-able, fusing hot and cold elements–funky tropical percussion with icy melodies courtesy of a variety sweet vintage synthesizers from the ’70s and 80s.

His official debut It’s Album Time released on his own Olsen Records imprint is actually largely a collection his previous singles, like “Inspector Norse” and “Swingstar”, that have been strung together into a seamless DJ-like blend, with the newer, generally more mellow songs acting like interludes.  There’s a conscious retro campiness that pervades the album neatly summed up by the comical lounge lizard cover art. He even covers Robert Palmer – Robert Palmer.

Here are a bunch of his more popular tracks– all are certified bangers, take your pick.

Todd Terje – ”Inspector Norse”

Todd Terje – ”Swingstar I & II”

Todd Terje – ”Q”

Todd Terje – ”Spiral”

Todd Terje – “Delorean Dynamite”

Todd Terje & LindstrØm – “Lanzarote”

And here are a few of the aforementioned reedits:

José Gonzalez – “Killing for Love” (Todd Terje Brokeback Mix)

Studio – “Life’s a Beach” (Todd Terje Beach House Mix)

KC & The Sunshine Band – “I Get Lifted” (Todd Terje Re-Edit)

Canned Heat – “Wanda Rode Again” (Todd Terje aka Wade Nichols Edit)

Alex G – DSU

Philadelphia resident, Alex G is set to release his first, physical, full length DSU via Orchid Tapes june 17th. The first pressing sold out in 11 hours and it’s understandable why. His music has weaved its way through the internets for several years now and is finally getting the physical treatment it deserves. His bleak, introspective lyrics ride gently above electronic texture and layered within lathargic guitar work. It’s masterful lo-fi weirdness. You can find his previous 11 albums in digital form at his bandcamp.


pre-order DSU here.  As of now the second pressing is still available but grab it quick.


Mo Kolours

Joseph Deenmamode, who records as Mo Kolours, has been on the my radar for a little while due to his affiliation with London’s One-Handed Music camp. The half-British half-Mauritian percussionist/vocalist/producer has a free-hand minimalistic approach to production that feels effortless, and live even though it’s largely based around loops.

Deenmamode’s songs are framed by skeletal percussive-heavy outlines, and embedded with raw elements of soul, hip-hop, Afro-beat, dub and various tropical styles such as reggae and calypso. His background as a percussionist shines through in the deceptively simple less-is-more character of his rhythms, which ostensibly are crafted from his original recordings. Inventive sampling, breezy accoustic guitar licks, steel drums and Deenmamode’s own dusty croon add splashes of color to the mix.

The 18 tracks run together through various interludes and skits making the 30 minute album play like something of a mixtape. Excepting a couple of singles, most have a raw sketch-like feel, and rarely top 2 minutes. This is not in any way a slight though, as the “unfinished-ness” actually works strongly in Deenmamode’s favor. In a world of beatmakers where the norm is rigid, mechanical and constricted by anal retentive adherence to digital “production values,” this is a breath of fresh air– the ideas, partially formed, are alive with possibility.

“Mike Black” is the first single from the album

The whole thing is available on his Bandcamp page as a pay-what-you-want download

Here’s a lo-fi visual excursion for the album’s other single “Little Brown Dog”

In addition to his vocal, percussive and production talents, Deenmamode is a first selector. His recent Resident Advisor mix, probably one of their best this year, is full of unfamiliar sounds perfect for the summer months ahead.

Mo Kolours Resident Advisor Podcast RA408

Jeen Bassa – 19 call some
Jeen Bassa – Final Report
Jeen Bassa – Not a fighter
Reginal Omas Mamode – As we move (omas celesrial)
Paul White – Missin Love
Al Dobson Jr – Good good Juices
Mo Kolours – See your face
Mo Kolours /Jeen Bassa – Untitled (crisp eve)
Tenderlonius – Hold on
Tenderlonius – Big Bass
Jeen Bassa – Body talking
Reginald Omas Mamode – Interlude cungaz
Al Dobson Jr – Big bags
Al Dobson Jr – In the world
Mo Kolours – Mike Black
Legbah – Fire Jive
Henry WU – Fiascoedoh
Paul White – Follow it through
Reginald Omas Mamode – Skit Interlude 9
Al Dobson Jr – Chicken on the side
Jeen Bassa – Wailer
Jeen Bassa – Fari
Jeen Bassa – Bumpin
Al Dobson Jr – Rocker island
Mo Kolours – Afro Quarters
Paul White – Tap tap
Paul White – Sunshine studio
Mo Kolours – Brain like Rain (part 2)
Reginald Omas Mamode – Welcome all
Reginald Omas Mamode – Keep on Walking
Al Dobson Jr – Everybody (vers)
Jeen Bassa – Just as music

Ditto that for his recent Solid Steel Radio session.

George Clinton – “Cambodian Rock Mash”
Ebenezer Obey – “Tribute to the late chief Obafemi Awolowo”
Jafari – Nieves “Eternas”
Andy Bey – “The power of my Mind”
Unknown – “Unknown”
Taj Mahal – “Why did you have to desert me?”
Jose Manual & Carlos ‘Patato’ Valdez – “Guaguanco”
Edward brathwaite – “The Emigrants”
The last poets – “Black is”
Ras Micheal and the sons of Negus – “Rasta Man Chant”
Sugar Minott – “Oh Mr DC”
Ainu – “Upopo”
Phil Ranelin – “Vibes from the Tribe”
Bernard Purdie – “Where B’s At”
Bruce Haack – “Interlude 2″
Tony Allen – “Hustler”
Menwar – “Ras Dimunn”
Lindigo – “Tangaty”
Milford Graves – “Nothing”
Scott Colley – “Usual Illusion”
Donald Byrd – “The Black Disciple”
Archie Whitewater – “Cross country”
Sergio Mendes – “Promise of fisherman”
Danyel Waro – “Bayoun”
Francoise Guimbert – “Sak la Point”
Sun Ra – “Hidden Spheres”
Jeen Bassa – “Canibais Valle”
Jeen Bassa – “Bumpin”
Al Dobson Jr – “Lady Blue (welcome)”
Al Dobson Jr – “Maiysha (blues)”
Paul White – “Happy All Round”
Paul White – “The Horn Jump”
Tightface – “Something For”
Reginald Omas Mamode – “Hebru”
Tenderlonious – “Little D”
Henry Wu – “All over”
Mo Kolours – “Outro: Esoteric Deep House”


P Morris – “Debut”

P Morris, formerly known as MΔRRI$, and known to his mother as Philesciono Canty is a bass sculptor of the first order. His slick trap-informed style of of production, which he’s oddly dubbed Goombawave, has found its way on to compilations curated by the  boundary pushing Night Slugs imprint, and the mixtapes of genre benders like Kelela and Le1f (as well as our DecibelCast series).

For his first “mixtape,” simply called Debut, he’s really upped his game, coloring in trap’s minimal framework of skittery 808 drums, handclaps and booming low-end, with sweeping cinematic atmosphere and lavish amounts of organic instrumentation.

Although clocking in at just under 30 minutes, Debut is laid out almost like a film score, the tracks flowing continuously together into one seemless whole, weaving icy ambient interludes into orchestral arrangements of strings and piano, and rising intermittently to crescendos of pitched R&B vocals and chest-rattling subsonic frequencies.

It’s a sprawling record such as this, with this many moving parts is pretty much de facto headphone music, but, make no mistake when the beat does drop it would murder the sound system of any club. And honestly, you’ve got to give up to anyone who can flip a Justin Beiber track into something as supremely badass as  The Weeknd-esque “Hold Tight.”

You can grab the whole thing as a name-your-price download over at Bandcamp.

And for those who want more of this sound, there is also the EP split with Sweater Beats, Young Love Heartbreak, available as a free soundcloud download.

And some further listening:

Kelela – “Go All Night” (prod by MΔRRI$)

Le1f – “Go In” (prod by MΔRRI$)

Katy B – “Crying for no” Reason (MΔRRI$ remix)

*edit: I forgot to add his recent mix for FACT, a perfect encapsulation of what P. Morris is about, featuring a slew of exclusives and remixes.

Justin Timberlake – Set The Mood Prelude (P. Morris edit)
P. Morris – Ladyboy [Bear Club Music Group]
Jon B – They Don’t Know
Justin Bieber – Recovery
Craig David – Fill Me in
Axel Boman – Barcelona
P. Morris – Rashida Jones [forthcoming Bear Club Music Group]
Drake – Come Thru
Tom Richman – Dro Montana (Sweater Beats Remix) [Bear Club Music Group]
R. Kelly – Remind Me of Something
Jeremih – Rosa Acosta
Tom Richman – Your Body [forthcoming Bear Club Music Group]
Dat Oven – Icy Lake (L- Vis 1990 Refix)
P. Morris – Wunderlust [forthcoming Bear Club Music Group]
Katy Perry – Walking On Air (Hundreds & Thousands edit) [forthcoming Bear Club Music Group]
Zedd – Stay the Night (Schwarz Remix)
P. Morris – White Hood (Neana Chop)
Omarion – Ice Box
Mssingno – PART 2 XE2 VIP BIELDUB REMIX PART 2 (Goon Club Allstars)
Drake – We Made It (featuring Soulja Boy)
P. Morris – Crying for No Reason VIP
Cam’ron – Oh Boy
Katy B – Crying for No Reason (P. Morris Remix)
Young Thug – Stoner
Missy Elliott – Take Away (ft Ginuwine) (P. Morris Edit)
P. Morris – Hold Tight (VIP) [Bear Club Music Group]
Beyonce – Drunk In Love
Squarepusher – Red Hot Car
Rai – The Game of Rat and Dragon (Vivisect) [forthcoming Bear Club Music Group]
Roni Size – Heroes [Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix]
Dane Chadwick – Vowels [Astronautico]
112 – Anywhere
Jubilee & Burt Fox – Keys Wallet Phone
Wale – Bad [Mike Gip Remix]
2 Chainz – Where You Been
Moleskin – Turnt On
Alexander O’ Neal – What’s Missing
*NSync – Gone (P. Morris Exit edit)

Angel Olsen – “Burn Your Fire For No Witness”

Chicago based singer/songwriter Angel Olsen has readied her sophomore full length, Burn Your Fire For No Witness, for a February 18th release via jagjaguwar.

This time around she steps into the studio with producer John Congleton (The Walkmen, Modest Mouse, Okkervil River) and a full band. “The first two albums I did on my own, or with people that I knew, I was afraid that in going from something really raw to something professionally produced, I would end up too crisp or calculated. So, with John Congleton, I was really specific about everything that I wanted to hear.” With this transition she has elevated her fervid whispers into a much more assertive wail. These songs openly carry bold, heavy emotion which is expected being familiar with her previous efforts but with Burn Your Fire they seem to project a more matured assurance.

purchase the record here

 Angel Olsen – HI-FIVE

Angel Olsen – Unfucktheworld


director Zia Anger on her music video (below) for Forgiven/Forgotten shot in Asheville, NC.

“I traveled to Asheville with a couple rolls of 16mm film and a Bolex camera. The only idea Angel and I had decided on was that she should be given a chance to act – to perform in a way most people have never seen her perform. Upon arriving I was immediately struck by the beautiful and unruly area of Malvern Hills. Suburbia had never spoken to me like that before. Our idea morphed into a suburban fantasy just as lawless as its backdrop. It is complete with a ‘Freaks and Geeks’-inspired lovers quarrel that ends with the male character physically being hand-scratched out of the film.” 

– Zia Anger


The Lemons – “Hello, We’re The Lemons!”

The Chicago based DIY supergroup, The Lemons, released their debut full length, Hello, We’re The Lemons!, january 30th via Tripp Tapes/Gnar Tapes. Comprised from members of Skymaul, Todays Hits, Slushy, Hollow Mountain and The Rubs they have found common ground in their brand of lo-fi sugar/pop. The records 14 charming, bubblegum tracks clock in at just under 16 minutes leaving every moment packed with catchy, glucose coated bliss.

grab it on tape here and digitally here

William Onyeabor – “Who Is William Onyeabor?”

William Onyeabor

Luakabop is one of my new favorite labels for a few reasons: The label is owned and kind of run by David Byrne (of Talking Heads), they house Javelin as well as a few other amazing bands, they have tons of amazing albums in the catalog that are all worth checking out, and lastly and most importantly they find and revive old recordings from obscure classic artists like William Onyeabor.

This album is the fifth installment of the World Psychedelic Classics series which has rounded up and reissued some amazing compilations from the likes of Os Mutantes, Tim Maia, and others.  Like many of these reissues and most Luakabop releases, this album takes the once forgotten or overlooked international music from the past and exposes it to today’s world music hungry fans.  But William Onyeabor‘s music differs in one very significant way, he uses synthesizers and drum machines to create a strange disco, electronic sound that takes the typical African music and rhythms to a futuristic place.  There are many origin stories of who this man really was and many other stories of what has happened to him since these records came out in the late 70′s but what matters is that his music transcends boundaries of time and space.  This album could have started a dance party in the 70′s and 80′s all the way up to yesterday, anywhere in the world (trust me I played it at a house party and people got down).

The album came out a few months ago and Onyeabor’s music has been around for decades but since buying this LP I have not been able to put it down, so much so that it made our Favorite Sounds of the year list.  Go over to Luakabop and order the album on vinyl here and check out a track and a remix below and watch the video too.


William Onyeabor – Heaven and Hell




David Lynch – “The Big Dream”

The Big Dream dropped way back in July via Sacred Bones but it felt almost criminal to allow this year to come to a close without giving it its due respect. The follow up full length to 2011s solo effort Crazy Clown Time is just as twisted as anyone familiar with David Lynch would expect it to be.

His work on the screen takes the viewer out of any and all comfort zones and into a world occupied by the weird and beautiful while his music, maintaining the ability to transport and certainly does not lack in the weird and beautiful and unlike his previous releases, is oddly comforting. His voice is delivered through distortion and could easily be attached to one of his fictional characters, coming off slightly comical. Throughout the record I’m reminded of early ’90s Tom Waits, think Bone Machine over doo-wop. A lot of these tracks feel like surreal horror ballads. Lynch on the album… “most of the songs start out as a type of blues jam and then we go sideways from there. What comes out is a hybrid, modernized form of low-down blues.”

stream a few tracks below and then pick it up here. 500 copies of the deluxe edition available here and pre-order the Super Deluxe edition out jan. 27th here

Possibly the best song of the collection is offered as a bonus track 7″ featuring Lykke Li. It beautifully recalls Julee Cruise and her contribution to Twin Peaks.

short documentary on the making of The Big Dream

from 2011s Crazy Clown Time


EM.MA. – “Blue Gardens”


With her debut Blue Gardens, E.M.M.A. has given us one of the best “proper albums” to come from the bass world in some time.

A relative newcomer on the scene, she hooked up with the Blackdown‘s Keysound Recordings camp sometime last year, and in the time since, has managed to infuse the drab atmosphere of South London’s underground with some much-needed color and life.

While she employs the syncopated swing of post-garage as a primary vehicle (in a similar manner as Burial), her music is really all about the synthesizer — the sinewy rhythms providing the framework for intricate melodic content that is somewhere between the twinkly arpeggiation of Zomby and the melancholic circuitry of early Darkstar. But where as Zomby is apt to sound cold and clinical, E.M.M.A.‘s pixelated melodies are alive and sparkly. And compared to the despondency of early Darkstar, Blue Gardens is practically exuberant, its loping bombast accented by florid bursts of melodic color.

“Jahovia,” her collaboration with the legendary Congo Natty (under his Rebel MC moniker), sums up two decades of British bass music, swings effortlessly between a half a dozen rhythms without ever breaking stride.

This corner of the music world is not known for its female influence, perhaps it could use some.

E.M.M.A. – “Intro” (160kbps)

E.M.M.A. – “Marina” (160kbps clip)

E.M.M.A. “Nostrum feat. Sully” (160kbps clip)

“Dream Phone”


Kevin Morby – “Harlem River”

Kevin Morby (Woods, The Babies) has stepped out on his own with his solo debut Harlem River released Nov.26th via Woodsist. Currently operating out of L.A. and a Kansas City native he calls this record “A homage to New York City” his home for the past 5 years. The record weaves stories of love lost, grief and uncertainty through the city streets. It’s a mild departure from his previous work, more intimate and personal leaning on folk elements rather than his typical psych norms.

Purchase Harlem River here

Kevin Morby – “Slow Train (feat. Cate Le Bon)”

Kevin Morby – 2013 Tour Dates
12/03 San Francisco, CA – Rickshaw Stop *
12/05 Portland, OR – Doug Fir *
12/06 Seattle, WA – Barboza *
12/07 Boise, ID – Neurolux *
12/09 Salt Lake City, UT – Kilby Court *
12/11 Denver, CO – Larimer Lounge *
12/13 Scottsdale, AZ – Pub Rock Live *
12/14 Los Angeles, CA – Bootleg *
* = w/ Cate Le Bon