Adult Swim & Ghostly International “Ghostly Swim 2”

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As with everything else, the maxim of “you get what you pay for” generally holds true with regards to free internet music compilations. And so it is a relatively rare thing to come across something as expertly curated Ghostly Swim 2.

Of course Adult Swim isn’t your ordinary player in the music game. The beloved cable cartoon network-turned-indie-media-empire has been dabbling in music for a while now, and their typically free compilations seem to have been getting better and better. For this round, which arrived just in time to stuff our proverbial stockings, AS up has hooked up once again with venerable Michigan-based Ghostly International. The sequel to 2008’s free compilation is deeper and headier than its predecessor. It’s a  heady jaunt deep into the realm of ambient techno, with a first class selection of tunes featuring contributions from Ghostly mainstays like Shigeto and Feral, but there are a host of unknowns, whose track really shine.


Grab it here

Run the Jewels 2

The sequel to last summer’s collaboration between underground hip-hop pioneer and Definitive Jux impresario El-P and Organized Noise/Dungeon Family-affiliated Atlanta rapper Killer Mike is essentially more of the same—and those familiar with the first installment will recognize this as absolutely a good thing.

A more fully formed incarnation of the concept, RTJ2 is a proper album to RTJ’s mixtape.

The beats bang at least as hard as the first time around, and there are some pretty interesting guest spots including (from seemingly out of nowhere) former Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha and Three 6 Mafia’s Gangsta Boo, who turns in probably most over-the-top verse on an album characterized by its over-the-top-ness.

Of course it’s Mike and El who are the main attraction; the two MCs—each at the top of his game—trade dexterous, multi-syllabic verses, feeding off each others considerable intensity in a synergistic game of one-up-man-ship, and demonstrating, in the process, that they’re two of the best doing it right now.

You can download the whole thing in exchange for an email address over at the Run the Jewels website, or if you’re the kind of person who pays for your music grab the physical release (a la carte or as part of plethora of bonus package options) here.

Ryan Hemsworth’s “Secret Songs”

This is fucking fantastic! And a perfect illustration of what makes our particular time in history so unprecedented with respect to music, and pop culture in general really.

Earlier this year, Canadian producer/remixer/masher-upper Ryan Hemsworth announced his plans to launch Secret Songs, a Soundcloud project that would serve as an outlet for him to share music that he believes in “directly with people who want to discover something new.”

“[Secret Songs] is about two things: inclusion and discovery,” he wrote. “For those who are curious but might not have the connections to find the weirder, lesser-know artists.”

Hemsworth has curated some of the best tracks into a compilation, which swerves all over the map stylistically without once losing its pop sensibilities. And its free for the downloading!

You can grab it as well as the other secret songs here

Southern Boutique “s/t”

The Austin based lo/fi psych poppers, Tiger Waves have been featured several times here on DECIBELity and made an appearance on DecibelCast Vol.5 back in the spring of 2012. Unfortunately the band is no more…but out of the still smoldering ashes arise Southern Boutique. Comprised of two members of Tiger Waves they travel along the same vein, carrying the psych driven torch into a more refined, focused landscape.

As of this morning, the 18th, they’ve uploaded their brilliant self-titled debut to bandcamp (follow that link) as a free download. They seem to be label searching at the moment, although I have zero doubts they will be picked up in the immediate to near future at which time we will be celebrating a physical release.

Southern BoutiqueGrowing Old

Southern Boutique – Rabbit Trails

Ricky Eat Acid – “Three Love Songs”

The first proper full-length release from prolific DIY producer/musician Sam Ray under his Ricky Eat Acid moniker, Three Love Songs was initially offered as a free digital download, in addition to a limited vinyl run on Orchid Tapes.

avatars-000067260712-701y5v-cropImagine a cross between the warped bedroom pop of Ariel Pink or early Atlas Sound, the miniature delicacy of Mum and the ethereal oddball experimentation of Sung Tongs-era Animal Collective.

It’s dreamy lo-fi (mostly) ambient music, kind of like the aural equivalent of water color painting— where music box melodies and wordless vocals smear into pastoral atmospheres enveloped by soft tape hiss; with bubbling synths, crackly field recordings and all manner of miniature sonic artifacts skitter hither and yon.

The two exceptions are the blunted downtempo number “It Will Draw Me Over to it Like it Always Did” which channels Mo Wax-era DJ Shadow, And the straight-up Balearic house track “In My Dreams We Are Almost Touching.”


Download the album from soundcloud for free here.

Or if you’re the type of person who likes to support artists financially, you purchase it from Bandcamp on a name your price basis  here. Vinyl appears to be sold out sorry :( 



21-year-old Harley Streten, who produces under the psuedonym Flume, aparently got his start making beats at the age of 13 when he obtained a production CD from a box of breakfast cereal. Since then, the native Australian has blossomed into a formidable producer and remixer.

His self-titled debut, which saw a North-American release via Mom + Pop Music back in February can be viewed as a snapshot of the contemporary musical landscape, deftly blending electronic pop music, trap-style percussion, and glitch-y dubstepish sounds–basically it’s electro synths and big gnarly bass lines with a bunch of cut up R&B and rap a capellas.

It’s a pretty straight forward concept, but he executes it magnificently, and the proof is in the pudding so to speak–the kiddies are eating this shit up. I caught Flume at the FYF Festival in downtown Los Angeles a few weeks back, and he killed it was easily one of the rowdiest performances of the weekend.


His soundcloud page is full of exclusive content and more than a few free downloads, so definitely go check him out.



It looks as though the vinyl for Flume is all sold out, but you can grab a digital copy over at Beatport.

And now it looks as though Fellow Aussies Jaymee Franchina & Jeremy Smit have gone and given Flume the mashup treatment, pairing the beats with some of Biggie Smalls‘ greatest verses, to create B.I.G. Flume.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie – “Summertime 4 Mixtape”

Mick Boogie Jazzy Jeff

Well they did it again yall.  For the fourth time in a row this dynamic duo have made the perfect summertime mixtape.  DJ Jazzy Jeff has long been known as a great DJ, helping the once pretty good rhyme-smith Will Smith, producing some great tracks and albums and winning accolades for his mixing skills including a DMC championship.  Mick Boogie has long been revered as a dope mixtape dropper and club tearer upper as well.  Put these two DJs together that know how to rock a party right, and well you got yourself some of the best bootie shaken, good time makin mixtapes you could ever find.

This one like all the other Summertime Mixtapes before it is chock full of classic old school jams.  Some tracks are gonna be as familiar and welcomed as an old high school best friend like “On & On” by Ms. Erykah Badu or “So Fresh, So Clean“, and just like that friend they will bring you back to the good old days.  Other tracks like “Gettin Jiggy With It” and “Wonderwall” might bring you back a little too much, but then again I sang out loud to Wonderwall back then and I did when I listened to it now too so whatever. Anyways the point here is that there is something on here for everyone but especially those of us who are over the age of 20 and love the hip hop classics.  Do yourself and your friends a favor and play this mixtape along with their other great past ones at your next summer party, you might find you aren’t the only one who knows all the words to “Gettin Jiggy With It” or “Wonderwall”.

Check the player below and put in an email for the download. Click on the other pics below for downloads to the past mixtapes too.


Summertime 3



















Joey Bada$$ – “Summer Knights”

Joey tumbler

You might have remembered that not only did we put a track from Joey Bada$$ on our Summer Soulstice Decibelcast mix last year but I also listed his debut mixtape 1999 as one of our favorite sounds of 2012.  So its about time I give him and his crew due props for making some of the best real hip hop coming out today.

Joey aka Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott is only 18 years old but him and his Progressive Era crew are killing it like NYC emcees used to back in the good old days.  They first started releasing mixtapes just last year and when Joey dropped 1999 in June it exploded like a summer firework.  The reason this group and this rapper are so well received in this day and age is the simple fact that not many rappers are bringing back the late 90’s “Golden Age” of hip hop as authentically and easily as Joey is.  Their use of recycled old school beats from well known producers like J. Dilla and MF Doom and soulful samples and production from the Pro Era team make for a throwback soundtrack that can transport anyone back to a previous time.  Add in laid back weed smoking yet super witty lyrical content and you can begin to see why I and most hip hop heads have been swooning over this Joey Bada$$ / Pro Era movement.

Joey Badass-Summer Knights(Click to link to a download of Summer Knights)

Well a year and a couple more mixtapes later, Joey released another mixtape just a day or two ago on July 1st called Summer Knights.  Originally slated just to be an EP it comes as a full length with 17 dope ass tracks.  Its hard to tell which tracks are the best or the strongest right now after only a couple of listens, but I can say that there is a somewhat different harder tone in Joey’s rhyming on certain tracks like “95 Til Infinity”. That being said there’s still not a track on here that I dont dig and constantly head nod to. Its a nice present to have because of the anticipation for the proper full length label debut B4.Da.$$, has been on everyone’s mind for many months since his official retail releases of the tracks “Unorthodox” and “Waves“.  So although this mixtape isnt released on a major label it might be better because its free and its just in time for the summer. And if you arent bumpin Joey Bada$$ this summer then you will be missing out on probably the best mixtape of the season.

Get the Joey 1999 and the Rejex mixtapes and the 2nd Pro Era Mixtape PEEP The Aprocalypse by clicking on the pics below. Check a video or two as well.



Pro Era












El-P and Killer Mike – “Run The Jewels”

run the jewelsEl-P and Killer Mike have been making some really progressive, heavy hitting, hard ass hip hop for a minute now. El-P with Cannibal Ox, everything on his Def Jux label, his solo albums including last years incredible Cancer For The Cure and all kinds of other ill production. Killer Mike has progressively gone deeper and deeper into the dark side of rhyming since his long forgotten poppy debut single A.D.I.D.A.S., as is very evident on his highly lauded album produced by El-P from last year R.A.P. Music.  These two have been touring together and hanging out quite a bit so it was only a matter of time before they did a full on collab album.

This album finally sees both incredibly gifted emcee’s rapping together back to back. Their lyrics and rhymes come with sharp precision that might cut your ears open and beats that pound so hard your head might hurt for days.  If this pain sounds scary to you then good you probably shouldn’t listen to this album, but if you are familiar with this type of real hardcore rap music then get this shit now while its still free.

Get the album from entering your email in the widget below or go over to the Fools Gold site here to get some hard copies or merch. Check a couple songs and videos below too.

Check them out on tour this fall its not one to be missed.

Wednesday 7/10 – Ottawa Blues Fest – Ottawa, ON

Thursday 7/11 – The Hoxton – Toronto, ON

Friday 7/12 – Camp Bisco – Mariaville, NY

Saturday 7/13 – Altar – Pittsburgh, PA

Sunday 7/14 – Forecastle Festival – Louisville, KY

Tuesday 7/16 – Exit Inn – Nashville, TN

Wednesday 7/17 – Firebird – St. Louis, MO

Thursday 7/18 – Gabes – Iowa City, IA

Friday 7/19 – Varsity Theatre – Minneapolis, MN

Saturday 7/20 – Memorial Union – Madison, WI

Sunday 7/21 – Pitchfork Music Festival – Chicago, IL

Wednesday 7/24 – Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB

Thursday 7/25 – The Republik – Calgary, AB

Friday 7/26 – Biltmore Cabaret – Vancouver, BC

Saturday 7/27 – Capitol Hill Block Party – Seattle, WA

Sunday 7/28 – Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR

Tuesday 7/30 – The Independent – San Francisco, CA

Thursday 8/1 – The Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA

Friday 8/2 – The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA

Saturday 8/3 – The Crescent Ballroom – Phoenix, AZ

Monday 8/5 – The Mohawk – Austin, TX

Tuesday 8/6 – Spanish Moon – Baton Rouge, LA

Wednesday 8/7 – Masquerade – Atlanta, GA

Thursday 8/8 – The Orange Peel – Asheville, NC

Friday 8/9 – Cat’s Cradle – Carrboro, NC

Saturday 8/10 – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC

Monday 8/12 – Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA

Tuesday 8/13 – Paradise – Boston, MA

Wednesday 8/14 – Webster Hall – New York, NY

Big K.R.I.T – “King Remembered in Time”


We here at DECIBELity are big fans of the K.R.I.T., and have been bumping his music since the release of his first mixtape, Krit Wuz Here, a few years back.

In a sea of paint-by-numbers southern rap, the inimitable M.C./producer stands out like a bubble Kush nug in a QP of brown. Or, as he puts in “King Without a Crown”:  in my own lane/ I make my own beats, I write my own rhymes, I grip my own grind, I grip my own grain/ and that’s royalty.

Although Young Krizzle lit the Internetz up with his string of dope, self-produced mixtapes  marked by his smooth southern drawl and Organized Noise-style productions, his major label debut 2012’s Live from the Underground was a little bit hit-or-miss. Perhaps the suits at Def Jam were to blame, as they seemingly found it necessary force this outlier into a  commercial box complete with flavor-du-jour trap rap production (presumably from in house producers), and largely lackluster guest spots.

Regardless of why his first outing in the majors turned out the way it did, here we find the the Mississippi M.C. back on peak form, sounding almost as though he has something to prove—his rhymes as witty as ever but his laconic flow replaced with an intensity we’ve not really seen before.

The beats, which are thankfully self-produced (with the exception of a single contribution from 9th Wonder) are remarkably diverse sounding—running the gamut from his trademark soul stylings to contemporary club-esque jams to atmospheric D&B to sampling James Blake.

Big K.R.I.T. featuring Bun B – “Shine On”

Big K.R.I.T – “King Without A Crown” 

Download the whole ZIP