DecibelCast 27 – “Weightless”


A specially curated trip through the continuum of ambient sound, ideal for headphones during the gray days and long nights of late winter. Over the course of approximately two hours you the listener can expect to drift through an array of soundscapes—from classic ambient, krautrock, and new age to techno, ’90s IDM, modern avant guarde composition and disembodied chamber music—toward some faintly outlined shape at some distant point beyond the horizon.



Huerco S. – “Sea of Love”

Grouper – “Made of Air”

Laraaji – “Being Here”

Gas – “Pop”

Tim Hecker – “(They Call Me) Jimmy”

Botany – Ory (Joyous Toil)

Iasos – “Bubble Massage”

Aphex Twin – “Radiator”

Dedekind Cut feat. DJ Shadow – “Conversations With Angels”

Vangelis – “Creation du Monde”

Edgar  Froese – “Epsilon in Malaysian Pale”

Julianna Barwick – “Offing”

William Basinski – “Desintegration Loops”

Tangerine Dream – “Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares”

The Caretaker – “An Empty Bliss Beyond this World


Grieves – Together/ Apart

I first saw Grieves in Steamboat Springs, CO back in 2008 when he was touring with Mac Lethal. The show was so good I bought both of their albums and almost went to see them again in Park City on my way across the country. I talked with Grieves that night and he was a humble young kid then in his very beginning stages who just wanted to drink and rhyme about dark, deep issues. Now three albums and three years later he has evolved in many ways but still maintained that original vibe minus as much alcohol. I saw him again recently in Asheville and the show was great as he almost overshadowed the headliner Atmosphere.

Together/Apart (released last month) is the debut of Grieves on Rhymesayers and his second full length with his buddy Budo orchestrating the wonderful backing beats. The album is full of Grieves’ own personal issues being poured out like a thick dark molasses over the authentic, real instrument filled buttery tracks. His battles with alcoholism, drug use, relationship issues and deeper overall feelings of depression are eloquently spoken about in a way that can make any listener relate. The downtrodden feelings make some sense though when considering he is based in rainy, cold Seattle WA where depression is the norm. So even though Grieves could be considered an “Emo” rapper with this sort of dark, personal, subject matter his skills and his soulful delivery over the top notch production make the emotional journey worth listening to.

Check some free downloads and videos below

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Grieves – On The Rocks

Grieves – Bloody Poetry

And some of my old favorites from his first album Irreversible

Grieves – I Ate Your Soul
Grieves – Irreversible (feat. Mr. Lif)