Tiger Waves – “Don’t Be Yourself EP”

Last month Tiger Waves dropped their new EP Don’t Be Yourself as a free download via their bandcamp page. Operating out of Austin Texas their brand of cosmic surf/rock is   altogether captivating blending psychedelia with those jangly beach rhythms we all need as the sun begins its wild descent upon us. All of their previous albums/EPs are currently available as free downloads over at their bandcamp which is something I don’t see lasting much longer as they are sure to be picked up by some fortunate record label.

Here’s a few tasters to wet your appetite.

Tiger Waves – “Quebec”

Tiger Waves – “I Love You George Harrison”

Tiger Waves – “Underground”

Chrome Sparks – Still Sleeping (feat. Steffaloo)

The first glimpse off Chrome Sparks forthcoming self-released EP Surface Glows, due soon via his bandcamp, is the synth/pop gem Still Sleeping. The track features lyrics and vocals from the radiant, folk songstress Steffaloo. It’s a bit darker than their previous collaborations, which you can grab here, leaning towards those deeper emotive, late night jams that blend in and out of some kind of dream space.

Chrome Sparks – Still Sleeping (feat. Steffaloo) 




Chad Van Gaalen – Diaper Island

Chad Van Gaalen’s latest album, Diaper Island dropped May 17th on Flemish Eye Records and Sub Pop. His sound has a tendency to vary from fuzzy, lo-fi rock with sweeping guitar and lofty vocals to experimental synth driven tracks. On Diaper Island, his fourth LP, he traded in his comfortable basement studio for a more expansive space resulting in a more refined, cohesive sound.

Chad is based in Calgary and is a recent father, hence the album title. Grab a couple standouts from the new album, watch the winning video for Peace On The Rise from a contest he held back in May and check out the Your Tan Looks Supernatural EP below.

Chad Van Gaalen – Peace On The Rise 

Chad Van Gaalen – Sara 

Video for Peace On The Rise


Your Tan Looks Supernatural was released March 23rd exclusively on Chad’s Bandcamp page as a response to the  crisis in Japan. 100% of the proceeds go straight to the Red Cross Aid Effort. The EP is composed of outtakes from Diaper Island and has more of an experimental quality reminiscent of his previous efforts. Sample the whole thing below and make sure to grab it for just 5 bucks off his Bandcamp page.

Love Scenes – “Classy Excuse For A Trashy Experience”

Love Scenes is Buffalo NY synth/pop duo, Leah Loefke and TJ Grace. They’ve recently self released their debut album Classy Excuse For A Trashy Experience via their bandcamp on a “name your price” basis.

They play highly danceable, emotive electro/pop that weaves synth beats throughout the duos wistful harmonies. Sample a few tracks below and then go grab the whole thing for a couple bucks here.

Love Scenes – “Layers” 

Love Scenes -“San Francisco” 

Love Scenes – “Insomnia” 

Love Scenes – “Robot Despair” (download only)