Starchild & the New Romantic

Starchild & the New Romantic is Bryndon Cook, a guitarist who has toured with acts like Blood Orange and Solange, and his recently released debut Crucial (on Ghostly International), bears the creative imprint of these artists. It also cannot be discussed without mentioning the obvious influence of Prince; Cook, like the recently departed purple one (RIP), plays all the parts on this album himself and sings. His sleazy electric guitar parts meld with classic slap bass lines, propelled forward by drum machine. Nothing particularly groundbreaking, just glitzy outer-space R&B at its finest, a collection of shimmering ballads bathed in swaths of warm synthetic ambience. Favorite tracks include “Slammin Manequin” and “Relax” and “New Romantic”.

Check it out below and grab the album over at Ghostly’s website.




ALL MY LOVERS from Starchild & The New Romantic on Vimeo.

CANT – “Dreams Come True”

CANT (not can’t or can not) is a secret language or type of jargon used by a specific group often to exclude others and mislead or hide the meaning or context of what is being discussed. In this case though Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear is using it as the name for his side project. Maybe he is trying to disguise himself or hide his solo project from the typical Grizzly Bear fans expecting to hear the harmonious, acoustic sound they are known for. Although there are certain similarities here, this album is much darker and more ephemeral, murky, electronic and just stranger than a GB fan might dig on.

Chris Taylor is known for more than just Grizzly Bear though however, as he runs a record label called Terrible Records and has produced and help record for fellow label mates and friends Twin Shadow (George Lewis Jr.) and Blood Orange (Devonte Hynes). Both of them actually helped him on this album too and have been known to appear as band members with him and open with their own projects on the tour he is currently on (coming soon to Asheville, NC via Moogfest). Dreams Come True feels and sounds like it got some help from these guys as well. It is synthed out and spacey like most lo-fi home bedroom sounding solo projects these days but with a much more refined, well produced, and experienced sound. It is mostly a heavy, deep record with dense sound and serious strong emotions but it still has an overall catchiness and charm that pulls you in for a few more repeat listens and a innovative new sound that “can’t” be ignored.

You can listen to the entire album here over at soundcloud and download or listen to few tracks and watch a video below.

CANT – Answer

CANT – Believe

CANT – Answer (Class Actress Remix)

Blood Orange – Coastal Grooves

Devonte Hynes is one of the busiest, most versatile dudes out there. He has been around for awhile, working as an artist, composer, songwriter, producer, author and musician. He has written and helped produce songs and albums for such artists as The Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx, Florence and the Machine, Theophilous London and Solange Knowles. He has done so many different projects over the years that he cant even keep up with his own work, although he is probably best known for his work as Lightspeed Champion. After a few albums, some E.P.s, and some battles with poverty, depression, and throat surgery Devonte has reinvented himself as Blood Orange.

Coastal Grooves is a bit of a strange album as one could imagine from looking at the album cover. It is supposedly arranged to be for a female vocalist with feminine themes and harmonies but in recording it Devonte found himself singing in this silky lighter pitch and he liked it. And after helping a few female singers work on their own albums maybe this is the creative result. It is a Prince-like sexy weird 80’s sounding album that brings forth so much nostalgia it almost makes you want to wear purple leg warmers, almost… Overall I dig the smooth throwback sounding album as a whole even if its poppy weirdness comes off a little strong at times.

Check the great Fresh Prince feeling video for Dinner and a few tracks below.

Blood Orange – Dinner

Blood Orange – Champagne Coast

Blood Orange – Sutphin Boulevard