Unkle Funkle – Supernatural

Unkle Funkle is back! well, he never really went away, his music is just so obscure it takes some serious digging to find. But now he’s back and in print and he may have just made all other music obsolete with his new single Magic Woman to be released on the forthcoming Supernatural set to hit sometime soon…ish or whenever Burger Records feels like it i guess, I pre-ordered mine. The sophomore record follows Picture of My Dick (and yes, it is exactly what you asked for, a genius genre destroying album with a picture of his dick as the album art). If you’re familiar with Gnar Tapes he’s one of the head honcho’s behind that label and you’ve probably heard his bass lines delivered on The Memories and White Fang records, and if you’re a true head then you know that he released a stripped down version of Magic Woman via his bandcamp like 3 years ago, but whatever, this shit will explode all over the dance floor, leave a sticky mess and your body will absolutely love him for it.


Preorder Supernatural here..And while you wait here’s some older Funkle treats to enjoy









Joel Gion – “Apple Bonkers”

Joel Gion is best known as the tambourine weilding/percussionist personality for the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Although, on August 18th he will prove himself to be much more than that. Harnessing a similar ’60s psychadelic vibe Gion will emerge on his own, or as the leader rather with his debut, Apple Bonkers  via a co-release between The Reverberation Appreciation Society and The Committee To Keep Music Evil and a limited edition cassette on Burger Records

Joel on the record…”With all the BJM members now living  so spread out across the world, I found myself increasingly missing the album making process. This feeling of disconnect is what kick started me into exploring my own song writing process and turned out to be a hugely important piece of self discovery. No more time for my beloved laziness. So I made my own music with a bunch of friends in the studio coming and going and having a great time creating. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised by this album.”

Co-produced by current BJM members Collin Hegna and Rob Campanella the record features a string of BJM members and ex-members along with Pete Holmstrom of The Dandy Warhols, Ryan Van Kriedt of the The Asteroid #4/Dead Skeletons and Jason “Plucky” Anchondo of the Warlocks/ Spindrift.

pre-order the record here and bundle it with the limited edition 7″ he released in May.

YES (Apple Bonkers)

Cherry Glazerr – “Haxel Princess”

The L.A. based lo-fi rockers Cherry Glazzer, fronted by 17 year old songwriter/guitarist Clementine Creevy, has just released their debut full length, Haxel Princess, january 14th via Burger Records.

Before the band formed Creevy produced songs under the moniker Clembutt. She soon found herself under the mentorship of  Lucy Miyaki, of L.A. band Tashaki Miyaki, and transformed her early bedroom recordings into honest gems. After adding bassist Sean Redman and drummer Hannah Uribe, the band was formed, and Burger Records signed them on. Their music is certainly full of adolescent angst with lyrics about boys, sneaking cigarettes, and grilled cheese,“Milkshakes and cat eyes, lipstick and french fries, Internalize so much, but so little.” while also feeling grounded and powerful. It’ll be exciting to see them grow into themselves and evolve as a band.

purchase Haxel Princess here

Cherry Glazer – Haxel Princess

Cherry Glazerr – Teenage Girl

Cherry Glazer – Trick or Treat Dancefloor


The Memories – “American Summer”

The oddly romantic/goofy, Portland based  pop rockers The Memories released American Summer via Randy Records/Gnar Tapes Jan. 1st. Their lo-fi take on garage rock is glazed in heartfelt honesty and humor. As a side project for White Fang (Portland Punk band) members Erik Gage and Kyle Handley use the moniker to create songs to recover from the the night before. Easy, laid back, somewhat silly, fairly humorous tracks to lounge to in pajamas. 

The band on the new EP…”American Summer is The Memories‘ first 7″ and the 4th in a series of loosely conceptual mini-album EPs (see: Rainy Day, Breezy Evening, Ripple) in their continuing story of love, sex, drugs, and fun; told from the viewpoint of the modern American dumbass / hopeless romantic. Six (6) new songs cataloging a handful of stories illustrating life illuminated by the possibilities of an eternal American Summer. Fun and freedom under a sun with sunglasses on”

purchase last years Love Is The Law here

purchase American Summer here

The Memories –Dream About You (American Summer ’14)

The Memories-En Espanol (Love Is The Law ’13)

The Memories-Higher (s/t ’12)

Tomorrows Tulips – Mr. Sun “Video”

 The new video for Tomorrows TulipsMr. Sun off their most recent record, Experimental Jelly, depicts some kind of psychotropic, lost tribe after party.  Directed by Taylor Bonin and Alex Knost (singer/guitarist).

Knost on the video…“[We wanted] to create a performance that reflects the song’s narrative, and document it in a way that accentuates any ‘surreal’ attributes,”

Follow this link for more info on the band. Experimental Jelly is out now on Burger Records, purchase here.

Tomorrows Tulips – “Experimental Jelly”

Hailing from Costa Mesa, California the experimental surf/pop rockers  Alex Knost (guitar,vocals) and Ford Archbold (bass)  are Tomorrows Tulips.  They’ve just released their sophomore record Experimental Jelly last week through Burger Records. The album explores a somewhat melancholy side of psychedelia via lo-fi reverb.

purchase Experimental Jelly here

The following two songs are off their debut record Eternally Teenage back when it was just Alex Knost and his girlfriend Christina Kee.

Tomorrows Tulips – Shades Of Grey 

Tomorrows Tulips – Casual Hopelessness