KAYTRANADA’s “0.001% ???” Mixtape

Canadian producer KAYTRANADA released one of our favorite records this year in the form of 99.99% (XL Recordings), a sleek hybrid of incandescent club music with razor-sharp production, featuring a formidable roster of rappers and vocalists.

And now he’s flexing his DJ skills with this gem of a mixtape he dropped on us earlier this week. It’s a sublime ride through a slew of exclusive material, remixes, edits, features, etc., that really demonstrates just how good modern dance music can be.

Stream and/or download below, and don’t forget to check out 99.99%.


Caught these guys last week playing a show with one of my favorite discoveries of this year, Jonti. I had scoped them out beforehand just to see what was up, and what I heard sounded pretty tight – it was on the experimental end of that spacey, lopsided, wonky tip that so many folks are onto these days.

Suffice it to say, I was completely unprepared for what these guys were going to do live. According to their bio, Sonnymoon is a duo, consisting of multi-instrumentalist and beat programmer Dane and vocalist Anna Wise, but live, they brought a full band and the experience was simply revelatory. Wise’s presence was something to behold: She looked like a runaway high on some exotic concoction of mind altering substances, but sang like she was channeling something from beyond.

The first song they played left us literally speechless – reduced to gesturing and making faces at each other.

This was some kind of freaky new-age digital psychedelia: part Flying Lotus, part 1969-era Jefferson Airplane, and part some other shit I never heard before. For almost an hour these guys took us on a journey (cliché I know, but that’s really what it was) deep into their utterly strange yet charming world where warped pop, met lopsided hip-hop and twitchy electronics (courtesy of a cornucopia of various gear, on par w/ a Mum or Animal Collective set up). The whole thing was wrapped in fog of surreal atmospherics and finished off with heaping load of sub bass.

While there is nothing wrong with the band’s studio recordings, they don’t yet match the intensity of the live experience.

These guys should be on the festival circuit very soon, and you owe it to yourself to go and check them out.

Here is a nice lickle mix Dane threw together to occasion the band’s West Coast mini tour:

1. Jonti – Sugar High from Sine & Moon (The Album) LP
2. Knxwledge – WTD[wrk] from klarity.EP
3. devonwho – Cactus from Strangebrew 12″
4. Mndsgn – 43rd from ObliqueKitchn LP
5. Knxwledge – Knxbodi from klarity.EP
6. B.Lewis – World Frozen Over
7. Sonnymoon – Wild Rumpus from Sonnymoon LP
8. Jonti – Moon Goddess (interlude) from Sine & Moon (The Album) LP
9. Mndsgn – PMG from ObliqueKitchn LP
10. devonwho – Strangebrew from Strangebrew 12″
11. M. Constant – Chew-Z from Bugged EP
12. Jonti – Koi Moon’s Daughter Pt II from Sine & Moon (The Album) LP
13. Sonnymoon – ∞ from Sonnymoon LP

Here’s a video for “Universal Appeal” from the new album (careful, it’s 9 mins long and goes way the fuck out there):

And here’s an older vid I found:

The Avalanches

So, I was cleaning out my hard drive as I am want to do from time to time, and I found an old DJ mix from this Australian collective called “Live from Cornerstone, which I hadn’t heard in years. And wow, I clearly had forgotten just how much these guys own!

Their only album to date, Since I Left You, released all the way back 2000, is one of the very few turntablist/crate digger albums that hasn’t horribly, horribly aged since since the proliferation of digital music technology.

Built from several hundred obscure samples, the old-school, pre-GirlTalk way – with a Technic 1200 and a sampler – it was somewhat of a landmark when it originally dropped (Pitchfork even named that shit one of the most influential records of the decade – for whatever that’s worth to you).

Basically, these guys have super deep record bins, so I guess it’s not much of a surprise that they can put together a wicked DJ mix.

“Live Cornerstone Mix”

Recorded live(!!!) in 2001, this mix blasts through about 40 songs in 25 minutes — starting with some vintage calypso, progressing through a bunch of ‘60s pop and ‘70s prog-rock, and ending on kind of an uptempo tip.

The Beach Boys – Cool, Cool Water (Capitol)
Arthur Lyman – China Clipper (Rykodisc)
Van Dyke Parks – Sweet Trinidad (Warner Bros.)
Lord Hawk – Sharing Yo Rice (-)
Lord Kitchner – Get Up And Get (Ice)
Van Dyke Parks – Jack Palance (Warner Bros.)
Lord Kitchner – Cricket Champions (Ice)
America – Ventura Highway (Warner Bros.)
George Sivaro And Orchestra – Where Or When (-)
Electric Light Orchestra – Confusion (Epic)
Andre Kostelanetz – Are You Lonesome Tonight (Sony)
The Osmonds – Let Me In (Curb)
The Beach Boys – Hawaii (Live) (Capitol)
The Beatles – Fool On The Hill (Parlophone)
The Hi-Lo’s – A New Dream (Collectables)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Carry On (Atlantic)
Edmundo Ros – Aquarius (Decca)
The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist (XL Recordings)
Ennio Morricone – Addio A Cheyenne (RCA)
The Avalanches – Little Journey (XL Recordings)
Xavier Cougat – Green Eyes (Harlequin)
Louis Armstrong – I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby (Columbia)
Neshoma Orchestra with Ella Adler – Warm Up (Jewish Aerobics) (MA Productions)
Jurassic 5 – Swing Set (Interscope)
The Four Freshmen – Swingin’ On A Star (Disney)
Edmundo Ros – Felicidade (Decca)
OS Mutantes – Desculpe Babe (Omplatten)
Azzido Da Bass – Dooms Night (Edel)
Los Llamas – Y No Soy Insensible (-)
The KG’s – Find A Friend (-)
The Jackson Sisters – Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Motown)
The Avalanches – Since I left You (XL Recordings)
The Jackson 5 – I Want You Back (Live) (Motown)
The Avalanches – Pablo’s Cruise (XL Recordings)
Guns N’ Roses – Welcome To The Jungle (Geffen)

Plus, when I was doing the research on these guys I discovered this mix, recorded last month, which is at least as good as the Cornerstone one.  Enjoy!

“Sleepy Bedtime Mix”

Also found out that there’s talk of a new album so, fingers crossed.

And finally, a few videos:

“Since I Left You

“Frontier Psychologist” from Since I Left You

James Blake’s Essential Mix 9/17/11

Before he was Pitchfork‘s darling, James Blake was a FWD attendee. And before his landmark full-length debut, released back in January, he was churning out some of the most forward-thinking “dubstep” around. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Blake is also a wicked DJ.

This mix is pretty much a must for fans of Blake. It’s crammed with new material, several of his incredible Harmonimix bootlegs and a bunch of stuff that has influenced him as an artist. “It’s all there,” Blake says in the interview that kicks off the mix.

Stream the mix here.


Tracklist is as follows:
Erik Satie — Gnossienne No.5
James Blake — Olivia Kept
James Blake Versus Drake — Half Heat Full Versus Up All Night
James Blake — Pan
SALEM — Trapdoor
Snoop Dogg — Drop it like it’s Not (Harmonimix)
[unknown] — Unknown
Klaus — Tarry
D’Angelo — One mo’ Gin
[unknown] — Sicko Cell
Blawan — What You Do With What You Have
James Blake — No More Than A Road (Dub)
James Blake — At Birth (Dub)
The Chain — Suffer For Your Art
Peverelist — Roll With The Punches (Harmonimix)
[unknown] — Navigator

OutKast — Return of the G
Africa Hitech — Out In The Street
DJ Nate — 3 Peat
James Blake — Deeds
Gavin Bryars — Three Elegies for Nine Clarinets II
Gavin Bryars — Three Elegies for Nine Clarinets III
Odi et Amo — Johann Johannsson
Grouper — Vessel
James Blake — Untitled
James Blake — Untitled
[unknown] — What Was It
The Tallest Man on Earth — Love Is All
SALEM — Redlights
Rev. James Cleveland — Jesus Saves
Trim — Confidence Boost (Harmonimix)
James Blake — Evening Fell Hard For Us
James Blake — Placing Us
James Blake — Words We Both Know
Arthur Russell — Love Comes Back
Stevie Wonder — You and I


And in case you’ve been living under a rock without the internet ( translation: for those who don’t care to watch the blogosphere e-circle-jerk), this is James Blake:

And this of course is the blogosphere’s wet dream (although I don’t think it quite matches the hype):


I saw this kid absolutely merk it last night at the Public Works!  I don’t know much about him, other than his name is Simon Ho and that it was his 21st birthday, and that he upstaged Addison Groove, who incidentally was the reason I went out in the first place.  Cheers Icee Hot! You guys have truly impeccable taste and are throwing some of the best parties in the city. 

Cedaa‘s sound is a deadly concoction of low frequency-leaning styles, somewhere at the nexus of dubstep, UK garage, juke/footwork, Miami bass and jungle, with a little down south crunk thrown in for good measure, or in other words everything I like about electronic dance music rolled into one chest rattling package.

This EP he released last month is fire.

And here’s a DJ mix of his I found:

Download Cedaa's Dijital Mix

Be sure to check out his soundcloud page for more.

Flying Lotus – “Lover’s Melt: II”

Back in May Flying Lotus made a podcast for Stones Throw Records called Lover’s Melt, and I resisted posting it out of some misguided sense that I should only devote time/space to things that aren’t blogged to death all over the rest of the Internetz.

Fuck that shit! Mr. Lotus is an amazing DJ and Stones Throw is a standard bearer for quality and diversity in podcasts. That mix was one of the best things I’ve downloaded this year.

I refuse to make the same mistake twice, so I’m posting this mix here regardless of how many other places on the web it’s sure to be at.

Download Lover's Melt:II

edit: mix is 2 hrs long and file is high quality, meaning it’s fucking huge (300+ megs)

Ben U.F.O and OneMan @ Public Works 6/25/11

I’ve been tracking the low frequency pulse emanating from urban London for a minute now. From the frenetic riddims of jungle to the slinky bass-heavy grooves of 2-step garage, through the smoked-out skank of dubstep and on up through the creative diaspora left in the wake of its implosion – excuse me “explosion” – I been well into this shit.

Therefore, I jumped at the opportunity to witness first hand two of the biggest players in the nebulous world of bass post-post-dubstep, and for a paltry $5 (Thank you again Icee Hot for consistently throwing some of the best parties in town).

Both of these guys achieved their status as DJs — through sheer technical prowess and versatility of selection — not from having produced a few tracks, which makes them outliers right off the bat.

Oneman, who came to prominence several years ago through renegade parties and a radio show on Rinse FM is somewhat of a freak, the kind of DJ that can and regularly does make new tunes out of combining two records in 2-, 3- sometimes even 4-minute mixes.

OneMan doin his thing.

And on Saturday he fucking merked the place. He played a crazy selection of 2-step, grime, juke, and house music (and yes dubstep) which was expected, but he also threw in tracks from Timbaland, Big Boi, Prince and James Blake as well as that new Jamie xx joint. It was mayhem, the only real constant seemed to be ungodly amounts of sub bass; at one point he even broke shit down with The Weeknd‘s What You Need — I was dancing like an 18 year old on 3 E’s and a half a gram of Special K.

This guy is the truth is all I can say, just check out this ‘mixtape’ he recorded for the venerable LuckyMe.

Ben U.F.O. and Ben U.F.O.'s record collection.

Ben U.F.O. jumped on afterward and the place seemed like it was gonna rupture. He kept the energy going with some warped, super-bass-y house, but unfortunately, my legs were just gone and it was like 2 a.m., so I left around 25 minutes into his set.

U.F.O. is almost universally recognized as a leading light in a this time of upheaval. Along with Pangaea and the mighty Ramadanman, he runs the excellent Hessle Audio imprint, which among other things helped introduce the world to James Blake back in 2009.

If you’re trying to orient yourself to what’s happening at the leading edge of electronic dance music, or just looking for an introduction to the new sound of London, Hessle Audio released a stellar compilation last month called 116 & Rising. The two disc set features a disc of brand new material, as well as a retrospective of the label’s 4 year history. Taken together, it’s a powerful statement about the perennial creative well of South London, and a clear pathway out of the dubstep caldisac.

Can’t get the soundcloud to embed, but go on over and have a listen for yourself.