Starchild & the New Romantic

Starchild & the New Romantic is Bryndon Cook, a guitarist who has toured with acts like Blood Orange and Solange, and his recently released debut Crucial (on Ghostly International), bears the creative imprint of these artists. It also cannot be discussed without mentioning the obvious influence of Prince; Cook, like the recently departed purple one (RIP), plays all the parts on this album himself and sings. His sleazy electric guitar parts meld with classic slap bass lines, propelled forward by drum machine. Nothing particularly groundbreaking, just glitzy outer-space R&B at its finest, a collection of shimmering ballads bathed in swaths of warm synthetic ambience. Favorite tracks include “Slammin Manequin” and “Relax” and “New Romantic”.

Check it out below and grab the album over at Ghostly’s website.




ALL MY LOVERS from Starchild & The New Romantic on Vimeo.

Child Actor – “Victory”

For the most part, I let my esteemed colleagues Mr. Hologram and Mr. RIE handle the poppier side of things as I feel both are generally much more capable than I of finding the goods.  But I’ve been seriously digging on this album since I discovered it  last month and I thought it needed to be shared.

It appears that cousins Max Heath and Sedgie Ogilvy have actually been putting out electro indie-pop gems all year long (their Window and Partner EPs are available over at their bandcamp page), but Victory—released last month on Fake Four Inc.—is their debut full-length.

The sound is a slick, seemingly effortless combination of mainstream r&b/pop production and indie songwriting,  in a similar vein as Purity Ring but with a much stronger emphasis on the rock side of things and a subsequently broader palette of instrumentation.

These songs are stuffed full of soaring melodies, arena-rock sized hooks and woozy club-ready synths—there’s even a guitar solo or two in the mix.

It’s catchy stuff, that combines most of the best elements of popular music post 2010.  Very nice indeed!

Sedgie Ogilvy and Max Heath are Child Actor


Stream the whole album from their soundcloud page:


And here are a few videos from the album: