Abra – “Roses”

Awful Records is, without a doubt, one of my favorite finds this year. The prolific Atlanta-based collective, which counts somewhere near a dozen heads among its ranks, has been steadily gaining momentum since sometime in 2014. And with good reason: they manage to somehow produce consistently quality rap music while maintaining their independence both creatively and financially within the Mecca of over-produced carbon-copy radio rap.

This can be at least partially chalked up to their idiosyncratic DIY approach to production, which finds obvious influence from broad palette of sounds spanning well beyond the reaches of pop music. But their real quirk comes from their cadre of oddball MCs—Father, iLoveMakonnen, Ethereal, OG Maco and Key! and the rest — who spit off-the-wall raps and hooks that are refreshingly absent of drugs and violence.

As an R&B singer and the cohort’s only female, Abra is something of an outlier within a crew of outliers—an exception to an exception. And her debut, Roses, released this summer, is accordingly unique, and likely one of 2015’s best releases.

As with the rest of the Awful clique, production is sparse and understated. The sound of modern Atlanta-style rap clearly informs the it but so do more exotic sounds like British drum & bass and Darkwave synthpop (in fact she has styled herself as “Dutchess of Darkwave”). There’s a density, an emotional weight perhaps, to this record that belies the simplicity of its structure.

The emotional heft is not from the lyrics, which trod well-worn themes in R&B—love and heart break etc.—but from the sonic character of her voice, and how well the plaintive piano melodies, scattershot 808 snares, gurgling synthesizers and cavernous basslines accompany it. It’s a cohesive artistic statement from someone whom we should be hearing much more from in the future.

Check out the rest of album here:

Here’s a non-album track featuring Awful Records boss Father

Girls – Vomit

Im glad you are finding this song here because if you type in “Girls” in Google you get many varied results and if you add “vomit” you get some pretty disturbing images. The band Girls are actually not puking girls at all though, they are two dudes Christopher Owens and JR White from San Francisco. Their music is kind of sad, hopeless romantic, nostalgic, 1960’s era, surf rock with at times epic drawn out journeys into levels of depression and ecstasy not often felt by other indie bands these days. After the first album Album (released two years ago) and the amazing EP Broken Dreams Club (released last year) I am stoked to see some new music coming and the new full length due out Sept. 13 is entitled Father, Son, Holy Ghost (on True Panther).

Vomit is the first single released from the album and it is definitely one of those epic self loathing songs mentioned earlier. It meanders between slow, lonely, acoustic waves into intense rocked out chorus tsunamis then finally ending in an epic classic rock fused with gospel finale (ex: Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter). It reminds me of some of my other favorite Girls songs like Carolina and Hellhole Ratrace with the long drawn out emotion that short poppy electronic songs of today lack. Either way check it out and don’t get to bummed out by Girls, (a sentiment I often have to tell myself).

Girls – Vomit

Here are some of my older favorites too:

Girls – Hellhole Ratrace (from Album)

Girls – Heartbreaker (from Broken Dreams Club)

Here’s an (Updated) New video for Vomit!!