Deejay OM – “Blood From My Soul” Parts 1 & 2

 Here’s a special V Day gift for all of you.

I was cleaning out my hard drive over the week, and I found these dynamite rare soul mixes that San Francisco-based Deejay OM made a while back for the always excellent San Francisco Disco/Boogie/Funk blog The Beat Electric. Both of them were done the old-fashioned way: a box of 45s and two turntables. Neither have track lists, but trust, these are definitely the goods.

Enjoy!  (right click & “save as” to download)

Blood From My Soul: Music for Heartbreak

Blood From My Soul Part 2: Time Heals All Wound

Jungle – “The Heat” EP

There just doesn’t seem a whole lot of information out there about these guys; from what I can gather: 1) They’re from London by way of Africa 2) They rock green track suites and  3) They do their own stunts (or in lieu of that, hire some little girl).

Incidentally, it should be noted that the word “jungle” often carries certain connotations regarding music originating in and around London, so one could be forgiven for imagining some kind of frenetic rave work out; in reality there’s not even a tangential link to drum & bass.

The Heat EP, which is self-released and totally lives up to it’s name by the way, is on some kind of vintage, DIY, house party flex. At one time it may have been called R&B, but it actually sounds much closer to some forgotten early demo from TV On The Radio than the auto-tuned gloss of modern R&B.

The four cuts are stripped back, lo-fi, organic and soulful—raw and unpasteurized, yet surprisingly palatable. Solid midtempo grooves that feature some decidedly funk bass, with lots of  interesting sampled odds and ends filling in the cracks. All are accented by glistening synthesizers and guitars, and characterized by smooth falsetto vocals.

Hopefully we’ll be hearing much more from these guys in the near future.

Get it here or over at the Bandcamp page.

“The Heat”


Mingus Murray

This guy is probably the next Prince. That is not hyperbole. A true virtuoso, Murray is a multi-instrumentalist, who sang, produced and played all of the parts on his eponymous debut, which was self-released last year. His sound—incorporating damn near the entire continuum of popular black music, from Hendrix to Stevie Wonder to Flying Lotus— effortlessly bridges genre and era—from blues to psychedelic rock  to left-field hip-hop.

Check out a few of his tracks and download Mingus for free here.

Mingus Murray – “Switch Positions”

Mingus Murray – “Train Whistle”

Mingus Murray – “Blue Dress

Expect to hear much more from this guy in the near future.