Starchild & the New Romantic

Starchild & the New Romantic is Bryndon Cook, a guitarist who has toured with acts like Blood Orange and Solange, and his recently released debut Crucial (on Ghostly International), bears the creative imprint of these artists. It also cannot be discussed without mentioning the obvious influence of Prince; Cook, like the recently departed purple one (RIP), plays all the parts on this album himself and sings. His sleazy electric guitar parts meld with classic slap bass lines, propelled forward by drum machine. Nothing particularly groundbreaking, just glitzy outer-space R&B at its finest, a collection of shimmering ballads bathed in swaths of warm synthetic ambience. Favorite tracks include “Slammin Manequin” and “Relax” and “New Romantic”.

Check it out below and grab the album over at Ghostly’s website.




ALL MY LOVERS from Starchild & The New Romantic on Vimeo.

Adult Swim & Ghostly International “Ghostly Swim 2”

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As with everything else, the maxim of “you get what you pay for” generally holds true with regards to free internet music compilations. And so it is a relatively rare thing to come across something as expertly curated Ghostly Swim 2.

Of course Adult Swim isn’t your ordinary player in the music game. The beloved cable cartoon network-turned-indie-media-empire has been dabbling in music for a while now, and their typically free compilations seem to have been getting better and better. For this round, which arrived just in time to stuff our proverbial stockings, AS up has hooked up once again with venerable Michigan-based Ghostly International. The sequel to 2008’s free compilation is deeper and headier than its predecessor. It’s a  heady jaunt deep into the realm of ambient techno, with a first class selection of tunes featuring contributions from Ghostly mainstays like Shigeto and Feral, but there are a host of unknowns, whose track really shine.


Grab it here

Gold Panda – “Half Of Where You Live”


Gold Panda, aka Derwin Powers, is one of those UK DJs that deserves more credit than he’s gotten up until now.  Just listen to his debut album Lucky Shiner or his amazing DJ Kicks album and you will understand what I’m talking about. The fact that his only real single “You” is now becoming a mainstream hit via being sampled by Charlie XCX is proof his popularity is rising.  Either way with his new album he is about to get some airplay, and its very well deserved.

Half of Where You Live, his third full length, is a tour of the world through the ears of a traveling producer.  Just as most people might have pictures of sites they have seen, Gold Panda has taken sounds of his experiences and turned them into tracks that make the listener transport to a foreign land. Tracks like “Brazil”, “My Father in Hong Kong 1961” and “An English House” give you an idea of where you might be traveling, but the sound takes you beyond the locale and into the creative mind of what a certain electronic musician hears whilst he is there.  It is an incredible journey really and each track is unique and intriguing while also very dancable.

Half of Where you Live

Half Of Where You Live is out today June 11th on Notown/Ghostly International. You can get it here and listen to the whole thing here or at NPR here.

Check some downloads and videos below.

Gold Panda – “You”

Gold Panda – “4”