Decibelcast Vol. 12 – “Playcation”


It’s been a kind of a long winter (well they always seem that way though, right?) and it’s time to move on to the next couple of seasons, like spring and summer.  My way of doing this is to travel to a tropical island so I can burn off my pale white skin in one quick trip.  I know that you’re getting jealous of my amazing vacation, but don’t be so mad!  I’ve made a mix to help you get into the mood of the next season.  So even if you dont get to go to a white sandy beach, hopefully you can close your eyes, put on these relaxing jams, and pretend you’re there.  Don’t take a vacation, just hit play on this mix and take a Playcation. (Not to be confused with Playstation™)

Decibelcast Vol. 12 – “Playcation”

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Javelin – “Excerpt from Andean Ocean Mixtape”

Bongos Ikwe -“Sitting On The Beach”

Taken By Trees – “Pacific Blue”

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)”

STRFKR – “Beach Monster”

The Very Best – “I Wanna Go Away”

Tanlines – “Lost Somewhere”

Major Lazer Feat Chronixx – “Where I Come From (Get Free Riddim)

Main Attrakionz – “Perfect Skies”

Wild Nothing – “Paradise”

Allah-Las – “Ela Navega”

Blackbird Blackbird – “Waikiki”

Lord Huron – “Ends Of The Earth”

Shlohmo – “Places”

Devendra Banhart – “Mala”

Ducktails – “International Dateline”

Calvin Love – “Bring Back The Summer”

How To Dress Well – “Ocean Floor For Everything”

Blue Hawaii – “Sierra Lift”

Diamond Messages – “Liquid Summer”

Rhye – “One Of Those Summer Days”

Phosphorescent – “Sun, Arise! (An Invocation, An Introduction)”

How to Dress Well

How to Dress Well has been on a tear as of recent, releasing a string of EPs last year (like 5 or 6) before finally dropping an album.

His music sounds like the amateur home recordings of a reclusive troubadour; yearning to connect with the rest of the world but plagued with some sort of crippling anxiety disorder, that keeps him homebound.  But with the aid of an old keyboard, a drum machine, some cheap mics, a 4 track and the Internet, he is able to write, perform, record and distribute his agoraphobic love songs from the safety of his own dwelling.

It’s weird shit. Warped atmospheric R&B — noticeably light on drums and bass — that’s
one part James Blake, one part Ariel Pink and one part something I never heard before.
The tracks are generally built around brittle, chintzy little synthesized melodies, and a thin falsetto, which is pulled taught across canvases of fuzzy, washed out ambiance.  There’s a kind of dissociative fog that permeates the whole thing, as though our lo-fi lothario were perpetually high on cough syrup.

And the questionable fidelity gives the songs a grainy, out-of-focus quality. The recording often seems intentionally shitty, like artifacts were purposely introduced into the songs as compositional element.

It’s funny, because this ain’t the type of thing I would have imagined I’d be into all that long ago. And yet I’ve discovered a blossoming love for Experimental R&B (who’d a thunk those two words would ever sit next to each other, and yet here we are).

Be sure to cop his album Love Remains

Apparently this dude was at Noise Pop this year, but I can’t imagine how this kind of bedroom experimentation would go down live.


Just came across this slammin’ DJ mix from him:

Tracklist is as follows:
01 Diddy Dirty Money: “Your Love”
02 N-Zo & DJ Invincible: “Red 5”
03 Seany Mac: “One Of Those Days”
04 Beyoncé: “Halo (HTDW Speedup)”
05 Love Nation: “Musical Foundations”
06 Travis Porter: “Bring It Back”
07 Ace Hood: “Hustle Hard (Remix)”
08 Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em: “LEMME FUCK”
09 Dipset Trance
10 Deadboy: “Way That I Luv U”
11 Panteros666: “X Lova”
12 Chris Brown: “Beautiful People”
13 DJ Ham: “Most Uplifting”
14 Dipset Trance
15 Crime Mob: “Ellenwood Area”
16 Yung Bizz: “Bubble Gum”
17 Rebel Alliance: “Sometimes”