We’ve written about P Morris (real name Philesciono Canty) before. His glitzy hybrid of trap, chopped and screwed R&B and cavernous bass music (which he refers to as Goombawave) is characterized by lush melodic arrangements with long almost classical sounding interludes. He’s released several quality EPs (via Bandcamp) through his Bear Club Music Group over the last couple of years. He’s also a pretty active DJ, as his POP.Morris mixes attest.

Loaded with edits, bootlegs and re-fixes, these tapes encompass a wide range of pop music from various eras and sides of the Atlantic—from golden-age hip-hop to ’90s Euro-trance to the songs you’d find right now on the radio (if you still listened to the radio)—all twisted and processed through the Goomba-filter.

Vol. 3 kicks off with a Fetty Wap edit called “God Save the Trap Queen” and from there goes through obligatory stuff like Drake, D.R.A.M. and Nicki Minaj, but Annie Lenox is also there as is an extended portion about angry Frank Ocean fans (related through a broadcast news feature) reacting a hoax regarding new material from the singer.

Volume 1 & Volume 2 from earlier this year are also still available as pay-what-you-like downloads.

Ryan Hemsworth’s “Secret Songs”

This is fucking fantastic! And a perfect illustration of what makes our particular time in history so unprecedented with respect to music, and pop culture in general really.

Earlier this year, Canadian producer/remixer/masher-upper Ryan Hemsworth announced his plans to launch Secret Songs, a Soundcloud project that would serve as an outlet for him to share music that he believes in “directly with people who want to discover something new.”

“[Secret Songs] is about two things: inclusion and discovery,” he wrote. “For those who are curious but might not have the connections to find the weirder, lesser-know artists.”

Hemsworth has curated some of the best tracks into a compilation, which swerves all over the map stylistically without once losing its pop sensibilities. And its free for the downloading!

You can grab it as well as the other secret songs here


21-year-old Harley Streten, who produces under the psuedonym Flume, aparently got his start making beats at the age of 13 when he obtained a production CD from a box of breakfast cereal. Since then, the native Australian has blossomed into a formidable producer and remixer.

His self-titled debut, which saw a North-American release via Mom + Pop Music back in February can be viewed as a snapshot of the contemporary musical landscape, deftly blending electronic pop music, trap-style percussion, and glitch-y dubstepish sounds–basically it’s electro synths and big gnarly bass lines with a bunch of cut up R&B and rap a capellas.

It’s a pretty straight forward concept, but he executes it magnificently, and the proof is in the pudding so to speak–the kiddies are eating this shit up. I caught Flume at the FYF Festival in downtown Los Angeles a few weeks back, and he killed it was easily one of the rowdiest performances of the weekend.


His soundcloud page is full of exclusive content and more than a few free downloads, so definitely go check him out.



It looks as though the vinyl for Flume is all sold out, but you can grab a digital copy over at Beatport.

And now it looks as though Fellow Aussies Jaymee Franchina & Jeremy Smit have gone and given Flume the mashup treatment, pairing the beats with some of Biggie Smalls‘ greatest verses, to create B.I.G. Flume.

Kanye West x The Beatles – “What’s A Black Beatle” Mixtape


Came across this today on the internetz. It was created by a outfit calling themselves the Tutankamun Brothers. I don’t know anything about these guys, but they definitely have some production chops, and this is the kind of mashup where new music is actually crafted, as opposed to say just smashing two songs together, or putting an a cappela over an existing song.

I’ve never cared much for old Yeezy and I was more of a Stones kind of guy, but this is quality.