Our Favorite Sounds: 2014 Edition


High Life before they sold out butcher Schlitz selfies… ahem. Let me try that one more time.

Happy new year everyone! We have a tradition at DECIBELity where we do our best-of/end-of-year lists at the beginning of the following year instead of the beginning of December like those other blogs.  Perhaps you thought we negligent or maybe just really late—well, you thought wrong. We are right on schedule.  You see, we do things a little bit different ’round here, it’s one of the many ways we set ourselves apart from the rest.

Each of us, as has become our custom, have chosen 15 or our favorite records and we each have created a mixtape including a single song from each of the aforementioned favorite recordings.

So, enjoy and we’ll be sure to continue to keep it DECIBEL’d for you all in ’15.

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DecibelCast Vol 19. “Williwaws”

wil·li·waw [noun. will-ee-waw]
a violent squall that blows in near-polar latitudes, as in the Strait of Magellan, Alaska, and the Aleutian Islands.

All of us are likely eager to welcome the warmth of the sun and sweat and the cycle of life anew, and… shorts. Some of us are there, the ice has melted, while others are not, the ice is thick. In the North East winter continues to linger, the teasing of a temperature climb outside of single digits is quickly reversed and our hibernation ensues.

I find myself accepting my foul weather fate only with the assistance of a year that’s begun with a plethora of mind-bending, body-rocking music. 2014 seems to be one of those moments in time where artists pull from some collective pool of creative wealth and the onslaught of quality records are plentiful to the point of overwhelming. This month’s Decibelcast is a collection of some of the sounds that have helped me to weather the frostbite. So I continue to glove up, zip up and be comforted by the sounds of another great year in music.


With this DecibelCast we’ve decided to experiment with something a little different. I, TY-Rannosaurus-RIE will be making hand-collaged /painted/whatever else cassette versions of this mixtape to send out into the world.

In writing for this post I found myself torn between writing something personal and something more direct and realized I have no idea who YOU are. Maybe that’s good, but I’m curious and I’d like to try to reach out to those of you who’d like that. If this makes you uncomfortable (and I can understand and relate to that, “just give me the music”), simply download the zipped file below and be on your way. But, if you’d like to participate in a little experiment, a little effort to reach out then  message me at: contact@decibelity.net

Tell me who you are, why you like our site, or really anything. Due to the format of the cassette the mix will include around 20 min of extra music and who knows maybe a few small effects to let you in on who I am.

Download DecibelCast 19 Williwaws.zip


The Lemons – “Jelly Bean”

Mac Demarco – “Passing Out The Pieces”

Angel Olsen – “High & Wild”

Quilt – “Arctic Shark”

Holy Wave – “Wet & Wild”

Damaged Bug – “Photograph”

Tobacco – “Eruption (Gonna Get My Hair Cut at the End of the Summer)”

Cherry Glazerr – “Haxel Princess”

The Lemons – “Michael Lennie”

Happy Jawbone Family Band – “Everybody Knows About Daddy”

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – “J Smoov”

Yumi Zouma – “The Brae”

The Stargazer Lilies – “Del Ray Mar”

The Casket Girls – “Same Side”

Ricky Eat Acid – “it will draw me over to it like it always does”

Hospitality – “Last Words”

The Lemons – “Ice Cream Shop”

Natural Child – “Bailando Con Lobos”

Campfires – “Bayonet”

Takashi Miyaki – “Cool Runnings”

Fog Lake – “dream gate”

Pure X – “Rain”

The Lemons – “Where’d I Go?”

Ricky Eat Acid – “Three Love Songs”

The first proper full-length release from prolific DIY producer/musician Sam Ray under his Ricky Eat Acid moniker, Three Love Songs was initially offered as a free digital download, in addition to a limited vinyl run on Orchid Tapes.

avatars-000067260712-701y5v-cropImagine a cross between the warped bedroom pop of Ariel Pink or early Atlas Sound, the miniature delicacy of Mum and the ethereal oddball experimentation of Sung Tongs-era Animal Collective.

It’s dreamy lo-fi (mostly) ambient music, kind of like the aural equivalent of water color painting— where music box melodies and wordless vocals smear into pastoral atmospheres enveloped by soft tape hiss; with bubbling synths, crackly field recordings and all manner of miniature sonic artifacts skitter hither and yon.

The two exceptions are the blunted downtempo number “It Will Draw Me Over to it Like it Always Did” which channels Mo Wax-era DJ Shadow, And the straight-up Balearic house track “In My Dreams We Are Almost Touching.”


Download the album from soundcloud for free here.

Or if you’re the type of person who likes to support artists financially, you purchase it from Bandcamp on a name your price basis  here. Vinyl appears to be sold out sorry :(