DecibelCast Vol. 5 “May i Mixtape”


It’s mid May and whether your geographical situation has you dreading the ensuing summer heat or has you anxiously awaiting the long, sun filled days and all that may be attached to that time of year, no doubt, it’s just around the corner. Some of you are already sweating and others can’t wait to be drenched. This mix will hopefully assist you in simply sitting back and enjoying the remainder of the least oppressive season of the year, spring.

[dB-05] May i Mixtape

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Soft Care – “Girls”

Campfires – “Fail By Design”

Dent May – “Best Friend”

Black Moth Super Rainbow – “Dreamsicle Bomb”

Wildcat! Wildcat! – “Mr. Quiche”

Pure Bathing Culture – “Ivory Coast”

Jeans Wilder – “LIMEADE”

Boneglow – “Guesswork”

Chromatics – “Lady”

Mr. Little Jeans – “Runaway (WAVVES remix)”

Tiger Waves – “Funeral March”

DIIV – “How Long Have You Known”

Hundred Waters – “Boreal”

Purity Ring – “Obedear”

Sleep Party People – “Heavy Burden”

Alex Winston – “Locomotive (Beach Fossils remix)”

Lotus Plaza – “Jet Out of the Tundra”

Lace Curtains – “high fantasy”

Mr. Gnome – “The Way”

Delusions – “Have It (ft. fthrsn)”

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Sleep Party People – “Chin”

Sleep Party People is the bedroom post/rock by way of dream/pop project by Danish music mastermind Brian Batz. “Chin” is our second glimpse into his sophomore record We Were Drifting On A Sad Song to be released April 9th via Blood and Biscuits. Pre-order your copy here, I did.

Brian’s signature haunting, lullaby vocals float amongst ethereal, melancholic synths creating lush sonic atmospheres. It’s the kind of music that pulls softly on emotion and stirs you in those deep, possibly dark places. With Chin we find a more beat driven endeavor.

Here’s Brian discussing the new record…”The lyrics are more uplifting and positive. It’s about enjoying life and turning every position you’re put into, into something positive. I know it’s a cliché, but that’s an important message to get out instead of always being so god damn melancholic and sad, which I sometimes struggle with”.


The first single, A Dark God Heart, is set to this eerie video directed by Marie Limkilde

And here’s a little mixtape Brian put together for The Beat.


‘It all seems a bit more brighter when the warmth of the sun hits our faces. And it all becomes more cheerful and feel-good when the birds are singing and the flowers blossoms. This is my summer celebration mixtape, which includes songs that are uplifting and powerful. The winter is over and we need to celebrate,’ – Brian Batz.