Chad Vangaalen – Shrink Dust

Canadian musician/producer/visual artist Chad Vangaalen has prepped his first full length release since 2011’s Diaper Island. It’s called Shrink Dust and will drop April 29th via Sub Pop/Flemish Eye. As with most his efforts the new record was recorded and produced in his home studio in Calgary.

Stream the whole thing over at Pitchfork Advance and pre order here.

Chad Vangaalen – Monster (Shrink Dust)

Chad Vangaalen – Candle (I Want You Back  ’14 RSD 7″)

The below video for Where Are You, taken from Shrink Dust, is accompanied by a collection of Chad’s previous videos all self illustrated.

Video for Molten Light, taken from 2008s Soft Airplane.

Still Corners – New LP “Strange Pleasures” & Fireflies 7″

Still Corners‘ follow-up to 2011’s Creatures of an Hour, Strange Pleasures, is prepped for release on March 5th via Sub Pop. The London based 2 piece released a 7″ “tour only” single back at the end of September. Two songs, Fireflies explores a slightly more produced, electro-pop feel and Hearts of Fools while it is more reminiscent of the lullaby inspired atmosphere found on their debut does seem to be a step into a more refined pop sensibility. they gave us a download of Fireflies with it’s release and now they have opened up the b side for free downloading as well, but… I highly recommend picking up a physical copy here (while they last). Check back for news on the new LP as it is revealed.

Still Corners – Fireflies

Still Corners – Hearts of Fools

Video for Endless Summer off 2011’s Creatures of an Hour

Fruit Bats – Tripper

The Portland based indie/folk band Fruit Bats led by muti-instrumentalist, songwriter and only constant member, Eric D. Johnson,who’s played with several bands including The Shins and Vetiver released their fifth LP, Tripper, on Sub Pop Records August 2nd.

Tripper is a more solitary effort than the four previous albums. The songwriting focuses around narratives and spacey, atmospheric instrumentation. Download a couple standouts from Tripper, one from the previous album The Ruminant Band and watch a hilarious 70’s throwback video below.

off 2011’s Tripper

Fruit Bats – You’re Too Weird

Fruit Bats – Tangie and Ray

Fruit Bats – Wacs(bonus track)

off 2009 ‘s The Ruminant Band

Fruit Bats – The Ruminant Band

Shabazz Palaces – “Black Up”

After a couple of well-received EPs, Ishmael “Butterfly” Butler aka Palaceer Lazaro officially dropped the first full-length with his Shabazz Palaces project a few weeks ago.

Rap fans will probably remember Butterfly best from his work with ’90s hip-hop outfit Digable Planets.

But don’t expect to find anything like the whimsical, “we be to rap what key be to lock” beatnik-hop of the Planets here. Black Up, released on the indie-rock stalwart Sub Pop (the label’s first foray into hip-hop if I’m not mistaken), is on a much different tip – a rawer, moodier and altogether stranger one.

The production veers wildly. At times it seems to reference the kind of spaced-out experimental fusion pioneered by Sun Ra, with horns, strings, bongos, upright bass, and jazz piano combined into astral hip-hop grooves. Elsewhere it’s much closer to the industrial crunch of El-P; all clattering drums and throbbing bass lines held together by sinewy synthesized texture.

The lyrical tone, as well, seems to fluctuate rapidly – the widely divergent content (sometimes playful, sometimes almost militant) delivered in a hallucinatory stream of conscious as if it were mystic revelation. Reinforcing this mystique are recurrent themes of Sufism and a kind of Afro-futurism which are folded into the over-arching Arab motif. Even when we do glimpse the old playfulness of Butterfly – such as when he raps about women or clothes or going out to the club – it’s a Butterfly recontextualized in a time so different from the golden era ‘90s, it’s hard to believe it’s only been a decade and a half.

Black Up in a way is testament to Lazaro’s prowess and vision as an artist. It is his presence here that acts as a connecting thread holding together what otherwise would almost surely have been a jumbled mess of ideas and styles.

This is not for everyone, and it definitely aint club music, but it is one of the freshest sounding things to come out of hip-hop in a long time.

Heres a couple of freebies, a link to the daytrotter session, and stream the full album below.

Shabazz Palaces – Swerve…the reaping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding)

Shabazz Palaces – 32 leaves dipped in blackness making clouds forming altered carbon

Shabazz Palaces – An echo from the hosts that profess infinitum

Shabazz Palaces – Recollections of the wraith (Daytrotter Session) (For the full free download of the Daytrotter go here.

And a video we cant leave out, with music by Shabazz Palaces and one of our personal favs Flying Lotus

Avi Buffalo – New 7″ “How Come”

Frontman Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg first began writing and recording music at home using garageband as a sophomore in high school. Forming a full band a year later Avi Buffalo signed to Sub pop in 2009 and released their acclaimed self titled debut in 2010.

Still teenagers, they harness a tender gracefulness and an unsappy sentimentality not usually found in young bands. Avis’ voice is mostly to thank for this with its high range and deep emotion while always seeming to be on the brink of cracking.

Back in February Avi writes that he’s writing and recording a second album and the single, How Come, will..”most likely feature something from the new album”. Well it’s June and Sub Pop is releasing a 7″ on the 28th with How Come on side A and Good I’m Wishing on the flip. Listen and download How Come below along with a few of the standouts from their self titled debut. I threw in a few un-released home recordings as well.

How Come (click the arrow on the right of the player to download)

Off the self titled debut from 2010

Avi Buffalo – Truth Sets In

Avi Buffalo – What’s in it For

Avi Buffalo – One Last

A video for What’s in it For

Some unreleased home recordings. Click on the “i” to be directed to their bandcamp page where you can buy these lo/fi gems for just a dollar.

Distaste and Interset is the very first Avi Buffalo song ever recorded

Avi Buffalo – Distaste and Interest

“some people were playing apples to apples at the dining room table, and i was fucking around with my looper”

Avi Buffalo – Margaux Home Rec –

Avi Buffalo – Time On You –