DecibelCast Vol. 11 “Heart Shaped Rejection”


Last year our February mix, [dB-03] “Love Sick Mixtape” was dedicated to love in all its manifestations. Well, the newest installment of our DecibelCast series focuses on the lovers in the world hurt and downcast. Whether your love has withered away, simply up and left or if distances, physical or metaphorical, keep you separated this mixtape is for you. So if you’re spending Valentines day alone this year sit back, let go and open up to the sounds of Heart Shaped Rejection.

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Download [Part 2]


Coma Cinema – “Hell”

Liz Hodson & Josiah Wolf – “Ain’t No Sunshine”

Emily Wells – “Mamas Gonna Give You Love”

Still Corners – “Hearts of Fools”

Allah-Las – “Vis-A-Vis”

George Maple – “Uphill”

Michael Kiwanuka – “Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye (Leonard Cohen cover)”

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “So Good At Being In Trouble”

Foxygen – “San Francisco”

Gap Dream – “58th St. Fingers”

Natural Child – “That’s How I Got To Memphis”

Duncan Mcknight – “Highway Diamond”

Cate Le Bon – “Shoeing The Bones”

Nosaj Thing – “Eclipse/Blue ft. Kazu Makino”

Darkstar – “Timeaway”

Millionyoung – “Lovin”

Toro y Moi – “So Many Details”

Bear/Face – “Taste My Sad”

Diamond Messages – “You Were The One”

Chelsea Wolfe – “The Way We Used To”

Yo La Tengo – “Ill Be Around”

Alex Bleeker – “These Days”

Ganglians – “Cryin’ Smoke”

Mina Tindle – “Plein Nord (demo)”

Dignan Porch – “Like It Was Again”

King Tuff – “Swamp Of Love”


Toro Y Moi and Washed Out

When Carles from Hipster Runoff gave a fledgling genre its oddly effectual name “Chillwave” the title somewhat fit because not only is the sound very ambient, spacey, relaxed and “chill” sounding but it also full of pulsing poppy beats, melodies and distorted vocals which come in repetitive waves lending to a somewhat danceability. This heavy synth, new wave, electronic genre has grown fast and steady in the past two years as more artists emerge constantly, and the expansion of “glo-fi” continues as some of the originators have adapted and begun releasing the second wave of whats to come.

Two of the main artists in the genre are Chaz Bundick (Toro y Moi) and Ernest Greene (Washed Out). Both of which actually hail from or have a connection to our native Carolina lands. Toro Y Moi helped define the genre with “Causers of This” back in early 2010 which was mostly a murky, lo-fi, spaced out release but it had one of this genres theme songs “Blessa” and became an instant blogosphere classic. Chaz released his second more accessible album earlier this year “Underneath The Pine” which received not only rave reviews but gave this genre a turn in a different direction, as much of the album was less synthed out and sample heavy but instead more live, organic, funky, dancey, clean and purposeful. Toro Y Moi just made a free mixtape supposedly laying around in his bed for the Modular Modcast Series and aptly named it “Made in Bed“. You can get this mellow, dreamy mix for free by right clicking here. As you listen feel free to take a short but sweet journey through the varied influences that have inspired one of the forerunners of the genre. For a complete tracklist and more info you can go to the Modular site.

Ernest Greene just got signed to Sub Pop and plans to release his sophomore effort “Within and Without” on the heels of his peer in July. The difference is however Washed Out has never had a full length to compare to as his first release “Life Of Leisure” was a six song EP. Short but strong his first effort was an atmospheric journey of smoked out, soft, romantic feeling, synth pop containing the centerpiece “Feel It All Around“. I saw Washed Out live on tour for this release and although it was somewhat lacking because it was just Ernest dancing around kind of half singing while the songs played on a synth behind him, I could tell he had potential. His first single “Eyes Be Closed” from the sexy looking new album is similar to his previous efforts but almost cleaner sounding and different in a way I cant place just yet. It is being given away for free and you can get it by right clicking the picture below.