DecibelCast Vol. 13 “Projectile Punk”


So, the story behind this, the thirteenth volume of our DecibelCast series, has to do with my hard drive crashing, which resulted in the loss of about 11 years of digital audio—or 80% of my overall digital music library.

In my grief I could think of little else to do but to finally, belatedly climb aboard the Spotify train. Given the vast amount of new music made instantly available to me via the popular service, it’s unclear why i began to do what I did; but for some obscure reason I set about constructing various “definitive” playlists of every genre I could think of.

It was actually Evander Hologram who first suggested that I turn my old school punk playlist into an official dBCast.

The result is what you see here. It’s kind of like an old cassette tape mix that has been kicking around in someone’s back seat for a few decades, and given the fidelity of many of the recordings it’s probably best to think of it that way.

The track list kind of comes from all over, but a large portion of it is from these great Killed by Death compilations I had gotten a hold of a while back. The rest are either things I found around the Internetz once I decided to make this shit official, or random odds and ends that were in heavy rotation back in my old punk rock days.

I can say that regardless of the way this stuff has aged or what all of you out there might think of it, this is the mix tape that the 16-year-old me dreamed about having in his collection. Enjoy.


Side A [Download the ZIP]

Intro (Your Shit’s All Retarded)

The Remains – “Lost in a Crowd”

Hollywood Squares – “Hillside Strangler”

Wire – “Champs”

Buzzcocks – “Oh Shit!”

Boys Boys – “Control Tower”

Filth – “Don’t Hide Your Hate”

Machines – “True Life”

Authorities – “Radiation Masturbation”

Jay Reatard – “D.O.A.”

The Plugz – “Mindless Contentment”

The Moderns – “She Said Go!”

The Dead Milkmen – “Laundromat Song”

GG Allin – “Automatic”

G.G. Allin – “Bored to Death”

Lowlife – “Thinking Naturally”

Psycho Surgeons – “Horizontal Action”

The Germs – “Lexicon Devil”

The Queers – “Kicked Out of the Webelos”

Jerks – “Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me”


Side B [Download the ZIP]

Chain Gang – “Son of Sam”

Nervous Eaters – “Just Head”

Eat – “Communist Radio”

Really Red – “Crowd Control”

No Way – “30 Seconds”

The Gun Club – “She’s Like Heroin to Me”

Zero Boys – “A Piece of Me”

New Hearts – “Just Another Teenage Anthem”

Descendents – “Hope”

Neon Hearts – “Regulations”

Red Squares – “Time Change”

The Cretins – “Walter”

Dow Jones & The Industrials – “Set Yourself on Fire”

The Dickies – “Nights in White Satin” (Moody Blues cover)

The Power Chords – “Unattached Strings”

Exploding Seagulls – “Johnny Runs for Paregoric”

The Henchmen – “I Got a Right”

Warsaw Pakt – “Cut Glass Jaw”

Bad Religion – “Yesterday”

Lost Kids – “Alle Taler”

The Adolescents – “Amoeba”

Agent Orange – “The Last Goodbye”

DecibelCast Vol. 7 “Discobelity”

As you may have already discerned from the title, Vol. 7 of our DecibelCast series delves deeply into retro dance territory – think hideous polyester shirts with huge collars, ridiculously flared pantaloons and pointy ugly shoes… and cocaine of course, ridiculous amounts of cocaine on trays strapped to the heads of midget waiters (or something).

Now, had you told the me from 10 years ago that I would be promoting something like this, I would have surely looked at you cockeyed and said something to the effect of “Are you fucking High?” so allow me to give a bit of background on this one.

I began 2012 primarily listening to old funk and soul music, and in my searchings, I  came across a fair amount of disco.  (I had slowly, grudgingly come to at least respect the genre at this point, for without it there would be no house music and without house there never would have been jungle, and without jungle there would have been no drum and bass, and without drum and bass my musical taste would never have become as broad as it is now.)

I remember jokingly telling both TY-rannosaurus-RIE and Evander Hologram that I probably had enough in my possession to put together a mix. When both of them unexpectedly responded with encouragement, I thought “fuck it, if nothing else it’ll put some more variety into the DecibelCast collection.”

The general aim was to display the full spectrum of the genre, which is actually much broader than probably most folks realize (I know I didn’t). So here you have it: 74  minutes of mac’d-out disco music, from under the sea to the dance floors of swanky night clubs; from the outer reaches of space to the jungles of Africa and back again, I give you Discobelity.

[dB-07] “Discobelity”

Download the ZIP

John Forde – “Atlantis”

Odyssey – “Me & You”

The Blackbyrds – “Rock Creek Park”

Dynamic Five – “Skyboat”

Emma Dorgu – “Rover Man”

The Modulations – “Love At Last”

Charles Mann – “Do it Again”

William Devaughn – “Be Thankful for What You Got” (12″ Mix)

Unlimited Touch – “Searching to Find the One”

Golden Flamingo Orchestra feat. Margo Williams – “Guardian Angel”

Joe Bataan – “Rap O Clap O”

Pino d’Angio – “Ma Quale Idea” (Nassau Rework)

Kindness – “Gee Up”

Meco – “Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band” (12″ Disco Mix)

Tappa Zukie – “Freak”

Benis Cletin – “Jungle Magic”

McFadden & Whitehead – “Aint No Stopping Us Now” (Risco Connection Dub)


Sixto Diaz Rodriguez, or simply Rodriguez the name he recorded under, released a couple of dynamite albums way back at the beginning of the ’70s.

Billed as the “Dylan of Detroit,” his music deftly married the earthiness of blues, with fiery political populism, and intricate folksy yarns with LSD-tinged psychedelia—in short, it was a perfect soundtrack for those politically turbulent times.

However, both his albums, Cold Fact and Coming From Reality were critical failures. He was unceremoniously dropped from his label, Sussex, and subsequently vanished into obscurity.

It’s not a particularly compelling story, after all the history of pop music is littered with these kinds of forgotten souls. But, in an equally bizarre and interesting twist of fate, Rodriguez‘s Cold Fact somehow found it’s way to South Africa, and became hugely influential in the social movement that ultimately overturned apparteid.

Even more interesting is that no one in South Africa knew anything about the artist behind this near ubiquitous (at least in certain political circles) record. The conventional wisdom was that whomever it was had died.

The man was a complete enigma until filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul decided to find out more about the man behind the music in a documentary called Searching for Sugar Man, which is simply excellent. What he discovered was that Rodriguez is very much alive and completely unaware of the magnitude of the impact the music he had created all those years ago.

As a result of screening this film recently for work, I’ve been jamming on this guy’s stuff for the past few weeks. Here are some faves:

Rodriguez – “Sugar Man”

Rodriguez – “I Wonder”

Rodriguez – “Hate Street Dialogue”

Rodriguez – “A Most Disgusting Song”

DecibelCast Vol. 4 – “Sprung Again”

This ended up taking so much longer than originally planned. I began this year listening almost exclusively to music from the ’70s – mostly funk, soul, reggae and salsa… and yeah a bit disco as well – and so I thought it might be nice to put together a little mix of the vintage funk and soul music I had been so enjoying: That was all.

Unfortunately it ended up being a much more arduous process, which entailed yours truly completely losing the plot several times. Getting side-tracked, and moving away from the purely soul theme, I briefly entertained the idea of a multi-era, multi-genre West Coast mix. That ultimately didn’t end up happening either. Around this time, I got busy with other things and came close to deciding to just scrap the project entirely. It seems somewhere along the way I forgot the whole point, which was to make a compilation of smoothed-out jams to commemorate the spring. And so, with this mix comprising mostly vintage funk and soul tunes from mostly California artists, hopefully I’ve achieved just that.

[db-04] Sprung Again

Download the ZIP

                             . . .


Roy Ayers – “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”

Blue & Exile – “Good Morning Neighbor”

The Freestyle Fellowship – “Sunshine Men”

Brother Jack McDuff – “Your Smile”

Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – “I Got Love”

Cortex – “Prelude a Go Round”

Nicola Conte – “Seasons”

Booker T. Jones – “Progress” feat. Jim James

Maze – “While I’m Alone”

Mayer Hawthorne – “Dreaming”

Bullion – “Time for Us All to Love”

Arthur Verocai – “Dedicada a ela”

Quasimoto – “Seasons Change”

The Natural Four – “You Can Always Count on Me”

Funk Factory – “Rien Ne Va Plus”

John Holt – “Got My Head on Straight”

Leon Ware – “Why I Came to California”

Lee Fields & the Expressions – “Expressions Theme”

Jonti – “Batmilk”

Curtis Mayfield – “Trippin”

The Natural Four – “Why Should We Stop Now?”