That old adage about it being better to do one thing well, holds true with music in that its pretty much always preferable to pick a simple idea and nail the fucking shit out of it than to try to “push the envelope” with a bunch of half-cooked ideas.

Tuxedo, a collaborative project from vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Mayer Hawthorne and hip-hop producer Jake One (who has produced for everyone from G Unit to MF Doom to Brother Ali) is definitely not breaking any new ground, but with songs that are this fun, who cares.

The duo’s eponymous debut, released last month via Stones Throw Records, is a homage to the late-‘70s/early-‘80s heyday of the West Coast funk—that same influential sound that informed a generation of G-funk ‘90s gangsta rap.

Basically it’s a smoothed out collection of electrified disco boogie, full of synthetic melodies, squiggly Funkadelic sounds and ridiculously, get-stuck-all-in-your-head hooks, that fans of Chromeo and Dam-Funk will be all over, and a soundtrack that will surely heat up some parties/dance floors as the weather gets nice.

And here we have some Christmas boogie for that ass

Also, there are a bunch of killer DJ mixes over at the Souncloud page if that is your kind of thing.

Get it here


Yes, you did read the title of this post correctly—there is actually a band that calls itself Fartbarf, and we are posting about it. With such a ridiculously gimmicky nom de guerre, one could be forgiven for anticipating an equivalently gimmicky sound. A quick listen, however, dispels such notions, as this Southern California three-piece is all business.

These guys make party music, but it definitely ain’t your run-of-the-mill fair. No, their amped up take on old-school electro, complete with hardware and vocoded vocals, has some serious balls.

Aptly dubbed “electronic rock and roll,” they crank out the jams in NASA spacesuits and custom (super creepy) Neanderthal masks using only rare vintage analog synthesizers and a live drummer—an antidote to the legions of pale, laptop-wielding, plugin-happy, bedroom dwelling producers. Or, as they succinctly put it on their website: “A mere handful of ape-like orderlies resisting a touchscreen future. Give us knobs or give us death!”

After years of smashing it up and down the left coast, they finally dropped their debut full-length Dirty Power via their own Space Jumbles Music

I caught these guys live last week and they absolutely leveled the place

And here’s one more (better quality) video (that I didn’t take).